4 Ideas for Fun Date Nights at Home

by Jenn

Long days at work coupled with the other daily stressors that life throws your way can make it easy to push date nights aside. But besides being a fun way to spend an evening, dates with your partner could actually bolster your relationship — studies show that they are statistically proven to help keep couples together longer.

Whether you’re pressed for time or looking to save money, planning a date night out each week or even every few weeks may be out of reach. Luckily, there’s a simple solution. With a little creativity, it’s easy to plan a fun, romantic date night that doesn’t even require leaving your home. Keep reading for four ideas to try with your partner today.

1. Enjoy a Backyard Movie

If you have a projector and a white sheet, you can create your very own romantic outdoor movie theater, right in your own backyard. After setting up your projector and selecting a favorite film, use blankets, rugs, and pillows to create a cozy space to relax together. 

If you don’t have a backyard, mix up your usual movie night on the couch by creating a comfy space on the floor of your living room, instead. Enjoy some snacks, picnic-style while you watch a movie or two together.

2. Cook Your Own Romantic Dinner

Having a date night in doesn’t have to mean ordering a pizza for delivery. There is no shortage of tasty gourmet meals that you can cook yourself, even if you don’t have a lot of cooking experience. And delivery apps make it easy to get the ingredients you need, delivered fast and fresh to your home, and ready for your special night.

For instance, crab legs are a decadent menu item at many high-end restaurants but are shockingly easy to cook yourself at home — and at a fraction of the price of a plate of crab legs in a fancy restaurant. Order crab leg delivery — and perhaps tack on a glass of wine and a chocolate dessert — and whip up your own gourmet meal at home for a special, romantic night together. You can also try a catering service that we like that includes a professionally trained chef to make the meal for you, reducing any meal prep stress for your special night!

3. Create a DIY Wine Tasting

Looking to take your home-cooked gourmet meal to the next level? Why not host your own wine tasting, too? Many tasting clubs will deliver bottles of wines or sample-sized bottles to your home. But you can also head to your local grocery or liquor store to purchase a few bottles. For a special touch, look for local varieties produced in your area.

After purchasing your bottles, print out a guide to tasting wine that you can use during your DIY tasting. You can even print cards to write notes on as you go through your selection. If you’re cooking a meal as well, try to choose wines that complement the flavors of your dishes. This is one idea that works great for double dates, too. Invite another couple over, and ask them to bring some of their favorite wines to share.

4. Host a Spa Night

If you and your partner could both use some stress relief, swap your regular date night out for a spa night in. From face masks to exfoliating treatments to aromatherapy, there’s no shortage of options for creating a mini spa right in your own bathroom. Turn on some relaxing music, light a few candles, grab a glass of wine, and enjoy some rest and rejuvenation together!

Planning the Perfect Date Night at Home

Whether you’re looking to save money or stay safe and healthy during these challenging times, these date night ideas are perfect for turning up the romance without leaving home. Host a DIY wine tasting, a spa night, a backyard film, or cook a romantic dinner together — or pack in all four for a special day together you won’t soon forget!

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