4 Reasons I Stopped My Diet To Try Sensible Diet for You

by Jenn

We all want to look and feel our best and go about it in all sorts of ways. One of the most used methods is diet. There are all sorts of different kinds out there, and some can be pretty extreme.

I’ve found a diet that is sensible and pretty easy to stick to and is appropriately called the Sensible Diet for You. It incorporates a schedule that consists of different foods and consistent snacks. There are foods on a forbidden list that, after a couple weeks, can be consumed in a reasonable portion.

4 Reasons I Stopped My Diet To Try Sensible Diet for You4 Reasons I Stopped My Diet To Try Sensible Diet for You

This diet is great and focuses on healthy foods, proper portion, self-control and continuous rewards for progress. It is essential to have these aspects apparent in our diets for us to be successful in sticking to them. A large percentage of diets fail for a number of reasons. Here are the top 4 reasons I’ve slipped up or stopped my diet altogether.

  • 1) Lack of Food 

When we think diet, we think limited food. This is often taken to an extreme and causes a diet to fail almost inevitably. When a diet becomes a punishment instead of a tool, it is easy to stray. Developing a diet that includes all food groups allows variety and a doable menu. The best is to practice portion control. Overeating causes weight gain even when sticking to a low-fat or low-calorie diet. The Sensible diet follows the idea of portion control and scheduled meals and snacks to prevent overeating. We have to trust our bodies and learn to listen to them, so we only eat for hunger. No more snacking “just because I’m bored” and knowing when our tummies are satisfied will keep us on track. One trick I have learned is to cup my hands side by side and remember that this is the size of my stomach, and that is the portion size I need to eat for each meal. The one thing to consider when we do cut down on the amount we’re eating is to make sure we’re still eating all the nutrition we need from our food such as protein, vitamins, and iron. You may need to use healthy alternatives such as using honey from Gold Bee nutrition to ensure your body gets everything it needs to function.

  • Lack of Calories 

With the thoughts of diets and the limited food we also think that we need very small amounts of calories. This sets us up for failure because we lead our nutrition (bodies) to misbalance. When your body is in balance – you know exactly what you want to eat. And when there’s misbalance – you just want to eat and you don’t know what exactly.  We also tend to overeat to compensate for the lack of food. The Sensible Diet develops a menu of foods at suit your body best and bring the most benefit at this particular time period. Be sure to know your body and consume an ample amount of calories to function while still maintaining portion control and sticking to the snack and meal schedule that The Sensible Diet uses.

  • 3) Lack of Exercise 

It is easy to think that just dieting will help us lose weight. And in the beginning it does help, but we will eventually hit that unwanted plateau. Exercise is a critical supplement to any diet. It is a great motivator to help us stick to a diet because we begin to see the results more quickly. It reduces the stress that causes our body to releases cortisol that increases weight gain. Exercise also exerts energy so, as mentioned before; we need plenty of calories to burn and be active. Burning those calories helps to allow us to have a little flexibility in our diet that makes it more likely to be a success.  Incorporate aerobic and muscle strengthening with your diet, and you can feel and see your progress each day. This helps because with The Sensible Diet’s schedule it makes it easy to delegate time during the day for exercise. Another trick that I use to keep active is to change-up my workout each day and week to keep it from getting boring and monotonous.

  • 4) Lack of Healthy Company 

Surrounding ourselves with people similar to ourselves is normal human behavior. Often, large or obese people spend the time and feel more comfortable around other overweight people. This leads us to think that being overweight is normal and in turn we tend to ignore our exercise routine and lean towards unhealthy foods and larger portions. Now this is not to say we need to ignore our family and friends just because they may have a bit more girth. It is better for us to recognize our surroundings and our company because they can be a strong influence on our actions without us being aware of it.

A great thing to focus on is spending time with people sensitive to our weight goals and whom may also have the same goal as well. This helps us to stay on track with our exercise and to follow through with our diet. Finding a partner to hit the gym with or someone to cook healthy meals with makes us stay honest with ourselves and our partners. With The Sensible Diet, when I feel a bit discouraged, I just remember my sister who is after the diet as well. I talk to her about it, and we both feel more motivated and determined to follow through and be successful.

4 Reasons I Stopped My Diet To Try Sensible Diet for You

These reasons I listed as to why I failed at certain diets are pretty universal. But now that I have practiced The Sensible Diet for a couple weeks now, I have felt healthier and have lost weight. Like I said before, my sister has helped me stay focused and seeing my progress is another motivator. The Sensible Diet is a simple way to change up our eating  habits, reduce our portions and avoid the “forbidden foods” that can be detrimental to our weight loss goals. I followed a diet developed specifically for me. First thing, and most important, was to cut out salt from my diet. I thought this would be a huge turn-off, but I was surprised as to how easy it was.

The next step was to become familiar with my allowed neutral foods and to recognize what my forbidden foods are. Some things I had to cut out of my diet were a little difficult to do, but substitutions were a great remedy for that. Now that I had figured my foods into my menu for the week, I had to learn my food intake schedule.The Sensible Diet develops a very detailed and specific schedule for my eating times. It includes meals and snacks throughout the date at exact times each day that are important to follow in order for our bodies to become accustomed. My diet included 5 meals/day, however the quantity of meals depends solely on the person. In some cases when a person has a serious health-related issue they may restrict nutrition to 1 meal a day (for 1-2 days). In most cases people have a 2-5 daily meal schedule, but sometimes that number can be even 8 meals (it’s determined individually).


After trying the diet myself for two weeks, I not only lost 7 pounds but I felt great the entire time I was doing it.  The best part is I wasn’t starving like so many other diets require.  I was able to eat plenty during the day and felt great.  The hardest part was learning to my intake schedule, but once I had that down it was easy, and I loved how detailed everything was.  I have thought about going back on it for a longer period because my body responded so well to it, and I love that they put everything in black and white for you, there is no guessing.   

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