4 Ways To Get Your 7-Year-Old To Write More

by Jenn

Reading and writing remain fundamental skills that every child needs to learn. Yes, the world has become increasingly digital and many people do all their reading and writing on electronic screens. While there are various aids to help you read and write, such as audiobooks and speech recognition, it is still essential to be able to read and write.

The best time to learn these skills is when your child is young. This is when they soak up information. It is certainly a good reason to get them into a reputable early learning centre, such as this early learning Chatswood.

But, alongside this, you need to encourage your child to write more. It develops their skill, improves their vocabulary, and helps them to be successful in life. 

Here are 4 ways you can get a seven-year-old to write more.

  1. Write An Argument

Your seven-year-old child probably has their own opinions on an array of subjects. In many cases, these are likely to be different to your opinions. This gives you an opportunity to negotiate with your child while improving their writing. It’s especially effective if your child wants to do something and you’re not sure. 

Simply get them to write down their argument for being allowed to do the specific activity.

You can then read this and, if it’s convincing, you may even change your mind. 

  1. Create A Dream List

Everyone has dreams and ambitions. Older people often record these as a bucket list, helping them to complete everything on the list. There is no reason why you can’t get your child to do the same. Granted, the list will be more simplistic. But, you’ll gain ideas about where to take your child, they will get practice writing, and you can encourage them to update the list regularly. This will help them prepare for the challenges in life.  

  1. Record Thoughts In A Journal

A journal is a great way to record your thoughts and process them. All you have to do is write a few lines in your journal every day and you’ll find it helps keep things in focus. 

The same can actually be true for your seven-year-old child. They may not realize it but creating a journal means they will be better able to deal with issues and they can look back in the future to see how they have matured and changed.

It’s a useful exercise and a fun way to practice writing. 

  1. Write A Story Together

Finally, proving that writing can be fun, create a story with your child. You will need a piece of paper and a pen. Write the first line of the story and leave the last couple of words visible. Your child can then write the next line and pass it back. Again, just two words should be visible. 

Repeat this until you have a short story and then read it out. You and your child are likely to find it hilarious. You’ll be having fun, bonding, and improving their writing skills.

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