5 Best Summer Camps for Your Teenager

by Jenn

If your teen isn’t quite ready to get a summer job, enrolling them in summer camp is a great way to ensure their time off from school will be safe, exciting, educational, and productive. Whether your teen is into athletics or the arts, there are many different types of summer camps. Here are the five best summer camps for your teenager you may want to consider this year.

Surfing Camp

If you are interested in summer day camps, programs like AquaSurf provide teens with the socialization and fun of camp along with the comfort and convenience of returning home at the end of each day. Learning to surf builds confidence and allows your child to develop knowledge of water safety. Besides, who doesn’t love spending time in the cool ocean during the heat of summer?

Art Camp

Do you have a painter, potter, or sculptor in your family? Sending them to art camp will allow them to meet like-minded peers and teachers. At an art camp, your creative teen will have access to various mediums, be exposed to new techniques, and have the opportunity to produce new creative work for their portfolio.

Band or Music Camp

Drummers, singers, guitarists, and pianists can come together and jam at music camp. Summer can get lonely for band students if they aren’t able to play together. Sending your musically-talented teen to band camp can help them develop their craft and make important connections in the music world. Best of all, you get a few weeks of quiet time in your house.

Service-Oriented or Faith-Based Camp

Volunteering is a great way for your teen to develop good morals and values. It will allow them to open their eyes to the struggles of others and make them aware of important local issues. Whether you choose a secular or faith-oriented program, this is a good camp option for teens who love helping others.

Traditional Wilderness Camp

Roasted marshmallows, smoky campfires, tents, and starry nights are the anecdote to many common teenage woes. Spending time in the great outdoors will be good for your teen’s mental and physical health, and they will develop a few survival skills along the way.

Summer camp is the place for your teen to find friends, develop skills, and make lifelong memories they will cherish forever. Find the camp that’s right for your child and get them enrolled in an unforgettable summer experience.

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