5 Factors that Affect Your Dog’s Behavior

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Dogs behave the way they do for a reason. We don’t always understand why they act the way they do, though. Not being dogs ourselves, we can’t communicate with them.

There are some key factors that impact a dog’s behavior, though. We will discuss some of those in this article.

The Food You Give Them

The kind of food you give your dog makes a great deal of difference in how they conduct themselves. If they are not playful and happy, that might be because the food you’re giving them does not have the nutritional value they need.

Buying a high-end dog food like Open Farm Puppy Food makes it much more likely that your canine companion will be healthy and energetic. You will often see a difference in behavior if you make a switch to a better-quality food.

How Much Water They’re Getting

Just like humans, dogs need water to survive. If your dog is not getting enough water, that is going to slow them down and make them listless. 

You should pay attention to your dog’s water dish throughout the day. If you see that it’s empty or getting low, you should fill it. You should also wash the dish regularly so that the water does not become stagnant. 

How Much You Pay Attention to Them

How much you pay attention to your dog and play with them is going to impact their behavior. If you have a dog breed that’s naturally energetic and needs something to do most of the time to be happy, then ignoring them is going to have a negative impact. 

An energetic dog that you ignore is liable to chew up your shoes or rip holes in the couch. They will find ways to amuse themselves, and you might not like some of their decisions. 

You can combat this by taking your dog for frequent walks and giving them toys that challenge and stimulate them. This often curbs problematic behaviors in high-energy dogs. 

What They’ve Experienced in Their Life

What a dog experiences throughout their life contributes to who they are, just like it is with humans. If you have a dog who had a traumatic puppyhood, that will probably manifest itself in ways you notice. 

You might have a dog that cringes and cowers a lot. That type of nervous animal was probably mistreated as a puppy. That treatment impacted the animal they grew to be. 

How Much They Socialize With Other Dogs and People

How much your dog socializes with people and other dogs will impact their behavior as well. If you have a dog that seldom leaves the house, then they will probably be maladjusted when they meet other dogs. They might not know how to play with them appropriately.

It’s the same with Amazon delivery drivers, postal carriers, and anyone else your dog meets. They may not react well if they are not socialized to be around humans a lot. 

All these factors will impact your dog’s behavioral patterns. 

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