5 Minimalistic Jewelry Pieces That Every Girl Should Own 

by Jenn

Minimalism has become the biggest trend of the season. From clothes to jewelry, minimalism has taken over the whole fashion world and is likely to stay for long. Minimalistic jewelry and accessories are the best mediums to flaunt your feminine side without looking too loud. 

The best part of this growing trend is that you can pull off a minimalistic look anywhere you want. Whether it is office, casual lunch, or dinner date, it is easy to wear your tiny jewelry pieces on the outfit of your choice and shine like a diva. 

Minimalistic jewelry pieces are widely available in the market. You can also find them on your favorite online jewelry store and pick the best pieces at affordable prices. 

Here are the five minimalistic jewelry pieces that you must include in your collection: 

Layered Chains 

Layering has become one of the sought-after fashions of the present time. Thus, why not buy some layered chains for your collection? You may have already spotted your favorite celebrities and social media influencers pairing layered chains with other accessories and rocking their look. 

Layered chains make you look simple and stylish at the same time. The best thing about these chains is that wearing them is enough. You don’t need to pair this accessory with other jewelry pieces to create a style statement. A layered chain alone will do its job. Wear it on a V-neck dress or a casual shirt, and you are good to go. 

A Pair of Studs 

A pair of studs are classic. While it becomes unrealistic to wear big and heavy statement earrings daily, a pair of studs always go well with your daily looks. They are easy to carry for women of all ages, including young girls who find it a hassle to wear long earrings. 

Wearing studs is comfortable and painless. Plus, you can buy them in your favorite gemstones too. Styling your blazer look with a pair of diamond studs will give you a classic look at work. Whatever choice of your clothes, a pair of studs never go wrong. Pick them in sterling silver and diamond studs to maintain your collection in the long run. 

Gemstone Rings 

Just like a pair of studs, a gemstone ring is a must-have in your jewelry collection. Cocktail rings are a big no for your daily look. Investing in gemstone rings is a thumbs up. Not only does it look elegant and charming, but a gemstone ring also feels light on your finger. 

Many stylists have called them the next thing. Nowadays, gemstone rings are light on your pockets too. You can get them customized in the gemstone of your choice and wear them with any outfit. 

A Chain Bracelet 

Add a chain bracelet if you want to give an instant makeover to your otherwise plain and classic look at work or Sunday brunch. A chain bracelet is a must-have if you skip wearing a watch and keep your wrist empty. 

A minimal bracelet or even a bracelet bangle does wonder to your look. Invest in a nice piece of a good brand, and you will not regret it. 

A Single Charm Anklet 

For all the girls out there, the fashion of charm jewelry is on the rise. It can be spotted everywhere on social media. Charm anklets have taken the fashion minimalism industry by storm. 

They add a very playful vibe to your outfit. A single charm anklet makes the best choice if you like to keep your outfit simple but don’t mind experimenting with jewelry. 


Minimalistic jewelry looks classy, charming, and extremely elegant. Your box of trinkets is incomplete without the above-listed jewelry pieces. Buy them from the best brands, and add them to your collection now. 

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