5 Mistakes Every First-Time Buyer Should Avoid 

by Jenn

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments for some people. Between the excitement of buying a new property and the stress of its financial implications. This is especially true when houses for sale experience foreclosure. If you want to avoid foreclosure, visit socalhomebuyers.com.

What’s more? Any first-time buyer may commit a few errors. If you are among the first-time buyers, here are common mistakes you should avoid while making your first big investment.

Not Hiring A Real Estate Agent 

According to many people, hiring a real estate agent is a sheer wastage of money. However, it is not true. Real estate agents are the professionals that make your house-hunting process easier than ever. From finding the best leads on the online listings to looking for the best sellers offline, they help you find the best properties suiting your budget. 

Real estate agents are well-acquainted with the local market. Thus, as a local home buyer, you will never go wrong with the decision of hiring them. 

Taking the Process of Obtaining Home Loan for Granted 

Many buyers believe that applying for a home loan is an easy process, and one can get it without any struggle. According to them, one can apply for any loan amount, and their bank would approve the application and disburse the credit within a few days. But it is not the truth. 

Banks grant you a housing loan depending upon your eligibility. After this, they assess the property you intend to buy and then decide the amount of loan they may be willing to lend for the property. 

Forgetting Home Inspection 

Before committing to buying your dream home, you must be confident that the property you are buying is well-maintained. If you sign a contract without understanding its entire scope of work, you may be disappointed if the problems arise later. 

One way to avoid this situation is to conduct a home inspection of the property you are willing to buy. You can get in touch with a competent inspector before the process of loan approval by the bank. The home inspection team will conduct a full inspection of the house and check its condition, including the maintenance and potential problems. After this, they will prepare a report. Checking this report will help you make the right decision about buying the property or not. 

Buying in the Wrong Market 

There are two basic types of extreme markets for real estate: a buyer’s market and a seller’s market. When it comes to the buyer’s market, many options of homes are available to view and consider. The sellers will entice you with competitive prices and other incentives. 

There are not many homes in the seller’s market up for sale. Thus, the buyers have to compete against one another to win the bidding wars. It often results in paying over the price so asked. It may also increase your monthly mortgage payments and down payment. The best time to buy the property is in a buyer’s market. You will end up saving a lot of money whilst buying the home suiting your preferences. 

Not Setting a Budget 

As a first-time buyer, you should always start with setting a budget for the property you will buy. Many people overlook this factor, which not only wastes their time but energy too. 

Setting the right budget helps you gather the best leads. Eventually, it becomes easier to decide where to invest your hard-earned money. 


Buying a home is always meant to be an exciting and enjoyable experience. With such a major financial and personal commitment on the horizon, you must do everything to avoid regretting after signing the agreement. Take care of the above-listed mistakes and do not commit them during the house-hunting process. All the best. 

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