5 Reasons to Visit the Stunning Santorini

by Jenn

Santorini is not just one of the most beautiful island of Greece, but there is a lot more to it. Once you arrive here, you would feel as if you have stepped into a postcard. It is hard for any other location or island to match its natural beauty, what with those inky waters beside the towering cliffs and whitewashed villages. Hundreds and thousands of tourists make a trip to the drop dead gorgeous island every year. Santorini holidays villas are their favorite as these accommodations are located at prime locations and provide the latest amenities, great views, and private pools.

5 Reasons to Visit the Stunning Santorini

 Tourists come here for the stunning nature, incredible views, great food, and awesome nightlife. For those planning to make a trip to Santorini, here are some good reasons to explore the island and enjoy a holiday there.

For great views and stunning nature

Santorini has to be seen for its glistening white buildings that contrast with the blue skies above and the rocky red earth below. Every day, you can wake up to those great views of the island’s volcanic crater, caldera with morning, mist and mountains around it. Just head towards the northern part of Santorini to enjoy the most truly memorable sunsets. Towns located on the elevated west coast like Imerovigli, Fira, Firostefani, and Oia offer some amazing views. Visit Emborio, one of the towns of the island that is famous for its traditional windmills and the beautiful church of “Prophet Elias.” You can shop for excellent quality homemade honey and wines that are prepared by the local families. Caldera is a vast crater that was formed by the eruption of a volcano. One can hike the volcano and take a dip in its hot springs.

For awesome beaches

Santorini offers a unique mix of white, red, and black sand beaches. Akrotiri, the famous red sand beach has been honored by the Travel Channel as the most unusual beach in the world! It is hard to take your eyes off the contrast of the red sand and steep cliffside against the blue waters. The beaches composed of volcanic sand and pebbles are indeed unique, and the varied colors of these beaches contrast with the crystal clear blue waters that are fantastic for swimming. The best beaches are Perissa, Kamari, and Perivolos. It is indeed a refreshing and enjoyable experience to swim in the crystal clear blue Mediterranean waters, surrounded by breathtaking views and scenery. The color and nature of the sands make a surreal background for swimming.

For a never-ending adventure

Santorini is for all, whether you are here on your own or with your family or as a couple. There is plenty of adventurous activities that await you and make for a fantastic experience. You could climb to the top of Nea Kameni and after a steep hike, could swim in the sea for a refreshing feel. Caldera is a huge crater that was formed by the eruption of a volcano. Hike on the active volcano to enjoy panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and lava fields. One can also go quad biking with their friends or opt for catamaran tours with beach stops and thermal pools. Rock climbing and hiking are popular choices among families and friends holidaying in Santorini. Explore the ruins of a Venetian castle, and if you are a history buff, you can go to Akrotiri, the Pompeii of the Aegean. Enjoy looking at the Bronze Age remains of the Minoan town that remains frozen in volcanic ash. You can always hire a scooter to explore the hidden gems of the island and at your own pace. One can hike behind the popular Perissa Beach to explore the Ancient Thira site.

For its distinctive architecture

Santorini boasts of an ideal mix of classic and contemporary architecture. One reason why the island stands out is its iconic architecture and extraordinary beauty. It is hard to miss out on Cycladic architecture with traditional whitewashed houses with blue tops. It is a pleasure to walk on the narrow cobbled streets and gaze at those beautiful blue-domed churches. Its unique architectural style certainly gives it a particular character. Tourist love to explore the fortified castle-towns that are nestled in the rocks and are known as kastelia. The vernacular architecture is well accustomed to the predominant architecture of the island. The glorious monasteries and grand cathedrals feature admirable frescoes.

For great food and wine

If you are a foodie or a wine lover, Santorini will simply amaze you as it is overflowing with food and wine. You will find some of the best gourmet Greek food as its world-class restaurants that also offer you some great views and a great atmosphere. You will remain spoilt for choices when it comes to delicious and scenic lunches or wonderfully fresh seafood. Dimitri’s Taverna is one of the most popular not just for its food but stunning sunsets. You must try meatballs, lamb, gyros, salads, and baklava while in this country. Santorini’s wines are prized for its wines that come from several vineyards. Ouzo, the popular Greek staple comes in generous supply. The best month to taste the new vintages of Santorini in October. Santorini’s wines are loved by the locals and the tourists for their Italian flavor. You must take advantage of the free tastings of the delicious red and white wines.

Santorini is unquestionably one of the most famous Greek destinations and for good reasons too!

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