5 Tips To Becoming More Organized

by Jenn

We all know the benefits of living in a clean and tidy home but maintaining organization can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task. Follow these tips to crush that clutter habit once and for all and live a healthier and happier life.

  1. Have A Clear-Out

It’s super easy to let your belongings pile up. Odd socks stuffed in drawers? Chargers to long broken gadgets? Out-of-date tins in your pantry? Guilty! Start by having a huge clear out. Break it down into room by room so you don’t get overwhelmed and sort your stuff into three piles – Trash, Charity and Keep. Be honest with yourself about what you actually need and what you’re holding onto for no reason. Once you’ve got less stuff, it’s easier to organize. 

  1. Invest In A Label Maker

Once you’ve decided what to keep, use a label maker to organize your things into categories so you’ll know exactly what is where. A visual indicator of what you own and where it’s stored is priceless. This trick is especially useful in the kitchen. Sort your dry goods into jars such as pasta, rice, and noodles and label them so they’re quick and easy to reach for. So much better than rooting around for a half-open pack of spaghetti when you’ve got two hungry children pestering you!

  1. Learn How To File Fold

A seriously easy technique for keeping your drawers organized and file folding means you stack your clothes upright so you can see exactly what you have. This means no more panic about whether that t-shirt has been laundered! You’ll be able to check right away without messing up all of your drawers. 

  1. Have A To-Do List You Swear By

To-do lists are not uncommon, the problem is doing them. Next time you create a list try one simple trick. Circle the three most important and difficult things. Then list them separately on a small card with number one being the most essential task you must do. Then do that task first, no ifs, ands, or buts. Once you’ve conquered number one, numbers two and three will be a little easier. Once those top three items have been ticked off, the other jobs will seem like a doddle!

  1. Live In The Now, Not Later

It’s easy for us to put things off for a day or two. Laundry, meal prep, going to the gym. But all of these delays mean that jobs pile up and your home gets less organized by the minute. Try to do things when and where necessary and save yourself from an even bigger job tomorrow. Organization is a skill and it needs to be learned. By taking on tasks as you think of them, your brain will be coached into that approach being the new normal and before you know it you’ll be on your way to (Queen) Marie Kondo levels of organization and productivity!

Do you need help getting motivated, tidy, and organized? Let us know what tips you’ll be trying in the comments below.

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