5 Tips to Choose Underwear This Summer Season 

by Jenn

Summer is here and choosing the right underwear is very important. This is often something that is over looked, but there is nothing worse than overheating – cool and comfortable is most definitely  the way forwards. Here are our top tips to choosing underwear for the summer season.

Our top 5 tips:

Go for lighter shades- We all know that light coloured shades are better in the heat, however many of us regularly forget this when it comes to picking out clothes for a summers day, and underwear is no exception.  Light coloured fabric doesn’t have to always be boring – why not opt for some pastel colours?

Wire free is always better – Opting for wire free bras is a great way to stay comfortable this summer. Not only are they more stretchy, but if you are doing a low-impact activity then it may not be necessary to have the extra support that a wire bra provides.

Strapless bras- Any strapless bra or bralette is going to be your best friend this summer. With many summer tops being strapless, there is nothing more unflattering than bra straps pocking out of a summer top. If you are feeling confident, why not pick up some cute bralettes and wear these with your favourite shorts or skirt, you can always throw on an overshirt if the weather gets cooler. 

Go for a bra fitting- Whether this is to pick up some new sexy lingerie, or just to check that you are wearing the right bra size, attending a fitting is a great thing to do if you feel as though your bras are not fitting as well as they have previously. Research has shown that the majority of us don’t wear a bra that fits – a staggering 80% of women!  Not only can wearing the wrong size bra be uncomfortable but a great fitting bra can make you appear more attractive.

Comfortable materials – When underwear shopping, try to opt for comfy and breathable materials. Cotton is a popular choice, and great for the summer season as you can find cotton underwear in a variety of different styles to suit your individual choice. Not only this, cotton can often be more hygienic than other materials such as Nylon or lace. 

Wear what makes you feel great!

Regardless of what other people think, it is important to wear whatever makes you feel confident and comfortable! Whether this be some sexy lingerie, or a discreet nude bra there is something for everyone no matter their personal style.  After all, everyone looks their best when they are their most confident. 

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