5 Tips to Polish Your Partner’s Style

by Jenn

There is a lot to consider when picking a life partner and so many things to prioritize when building a relationship. Honestly, style isn’t a top priority for most…or at least style doesn’t necessarily mean that someone will behave kindly, use good communication skills, or share your values when it comes to important decisions. As a result, many people end up with a suitable partner who is a good person, but maybe not a great dresser. So here, I’ll talk a bit about how to polish up your partner’s style because you may love them for who they are, but you’d like to see them a little more fashionable. 

  1. Sweaters

If your guy is a big fan of sweatshirts, sweaters are a great substitute. Plenty of companies are making sweaters for men that are soft and comfortable. Of course, they look much more polished than the threadbare sweatshirt he’s been wearing since college. Sweaters pair well with jeans for a more dressed-up casual look or with slacks for fancier events. 

  1. Tailors

Chances are your partner actually has some great pieces in his closet, but they’re not as form-fitting as your women’s slim fit jeans—and let’s face it, fit is everything. A jacket that is too big will look frumpy and disheveled. The same jacket tailored to your man’s body will highlight his assets and help him look sharp and as if he has dressed with intention. This is why learning about tailoring and alterations is so important for making your partner look more polished. Find yourselves a local tailor who can help mend current closet items and create a beautiful fit for any new purchases. You won’t regret it!

  1. Monochromatic Pieces 

One of the everyday style tips that transcend gender is creating monochromatic looks. It establishes a clean and simple look. However, monochromatic looks can go wrong when your pieces don’t actually match in the tone or hue of color. So, take a moment to go through your partner’s closet and identify which colors he gravitates towards, then get a couple of different pieces that are a color match to those tones. This will make it much easier for him to create monochromatic looks. 

5 Tips to Polish Your Partner's Style 1
  1. Accessories

Accessories can make or break an outfit (consider a mismatched belt versus an elegant cufflink). Men that aren’t into fashion often don’t even know about how to best integrate underrated accessories into their outfits to create a really pulled-together look. Whether you set your man up with one watch that can go from casual to dressy while maintaining a polished look or you get him interested in having a variety that he can choose from to best complete his outfit, wrist watches are essential. Well-made belts, high-quality shoes, jewelry, cufflinks, hats, and ties all fall into this category as well. Find out what he likes and feel most comfortable in, and then encourage him to accessorize. 

  1. Grooming Tools

It doesn’t matter if your man has a ton of facial hair or very limited hair on top; almost all men would benefit from a grooming routine. If he does happen to have a beard or mustache, investing in a local barber or some at-home tools to help him keep it well-manicured will make all the difference in his style. Find the best barber shops in san diego can help you achieve the look that you want.

Follow the suggestions above and you’ll be able to influence your partner’s style for the better. And, if you approach it with playfulness and excitement, you’ll likely be able to get your partner fully on board for a little revamping rather than making them feel poorly about their current style choices. Personal style is the way we represent ourselves to the world and can be an expressive and creative process. Your partner deserves to know that and participate fully in the way that they represent themselves!

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