5 Ways to Earn Side Income When Savings Just Won’t Cut It

by Jenn

We all reach a point in our lives where we may hit a financial snag. We’re surviving, but just barely. It’s times like that where you remember you have a savings account. When you check your savings account, it’s not enough to keep you afloat. So what do you do then? Well, you have to look at alternative methods to get extra cash flow into your home.

That might mean taking on a second job, whether it be full-time or part-time, but either way, something has to be done. There is nothing wrong with asking your friends or family for help when you need it, but if you’re like most people, you avoid asking for help until it’s your absolute last resort.

Well, before you go looking to your last resort, there may be some alternative methods to help you make money on the side when your savings account just isn’t helping. Take a look at these different ways to earn side income. 

5 Ways to Earn Side Income When Savings Just Won’t Cut It

Have an Online Yard Sale

This is actually a great way to earn money from the comfort of home. There are several apps that allow you to sell your personal items with just the snap of a picture. Letgo, Poshmark, and Decluttr are all apps that you can download to your phone and sell various items that you no longer can fit or no longer use anymore.

Poshmark is an app dedicated more so to clothing and clothing accessories for men, women, and children. The items you sell on this app must be in good condition. You will take pictures of each item and give detailed descriptions of the items.

Letgo and Decluttr are apps where you can sell any and everything from textbooks to old board games. All three of the apps can be accessed by mobile devices, and you get paid through the app as well. Definitely check out these apps and see which one works best for you!

Donate Your Plasma

If the site of a needle freaks you out, then this might not be the route for you! Donating your plasma is a great way to earn extra money, but it’s not something you can do every day. The process isn’t very hard either. You will have some health screenings to do first, and then after that, the donation can begin.

You are able to donate twice a week with at least two days in between. You can get compensated for your donations anywhere from $25-$50 or more, you just have to check with your local plasma donation center for details.

Start Teaching German Online

A fool-proof way to make extra cash is to offer your services as a language tutor. In this age of globalization, proficiency in a language other than your native tongue is an asset, so jobs such as teaching German online have seen a rise in demand. There is no better time than now to establish a side career as a language teacher while earning enough to make life more comfortable.

There are two ways to conduct language classes. You can either offer face-to-face or online sessions. Given recent events, it makes more sense to go online. Even if restrictions in many areas have been lifted, many people are still opting to stay at home, and this lifestyle change is likely here to stay.

To teach German online, you need to find a platform where you can create listings for your services, take on German teaching jobs, and communicate with prospective students. A quick search online will yield a number of possible companies you can join, but be careful: make sure that the one you choose is a tried-and-tested platform that is backed by real reviews from tutors and students alike.

Consider Living with a Roommate

Living with a roommate can be one of the hardest things to do after living by yourself for quite some time. You’ll be giving up the privacy and the freedom of living alone, but when it comes to saving a little extra money, considering a roommate isn’t such a bad option.

When you live with a roommate you know up front that your rent or mortgage will be cut in half because it’s being split between two people. Not only will they be able to help you save on rent, but also with other utilities as well. Some people are able to save $400 to $700 dollars per month with the addition of a roommate. This is a great option for people who are single with no children. It’s definitely worth giving it a try

Start Your Own Business

People who start their own businesses, usually have turned a passion of theirs into a profit. Let’s say that you love to cook and you’re an amazing cook. People are always asking you to make something for them around the holidays and they pay you to do it. You don’t think anything of it. All you know is that you’re a good cook and people have you make them certain desserts and dishes from time to time… not to mention, they’re always asking for your recipe that you never give away.

If all of that is happening for you with your cooking, then it’s time to turn your passion into a profit and start your own catering business! You’ll need to get started by creating a website as memorable as your food!

You can customize your website showcasing pictures of your food, and the presentation of your food at various events you cater. It’s a good feeling when you know you have a talent and can actually monetize from it. It’s technically called working for yourself, but when you’re doing something you love, it’s not really working is it?

Watch Your Friends’ Children or Pets

This may sound “old school,” but hey, it’s a way to rack in some extra cash. Some families have children and some families have “fur babies.” Both need tending to when the parents have to go out of town or have to step away from home for a few hours.

Why not bank off of that? I’m not saying charge an arm and a leg for your services, nor am I saying to be underpaid, but for this type of service, you’re helping each other out. You need the extra money and they need the sitter, so be fair to each other and work in harmony!

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