5 Ways To Help Kids Get More Exercise

by Jenn

If you have kids you already know how important it is to keep them moving.  I’m always looking for fun ways to help my kids get more exercise, which can be a little difficult in during the colder months, but it’s something parents have to think about, or you risk your kids going crazy.  I don’t know, but my kids have to be busy doing something all the time, and they need that time to run around, and be kids.  Daily exercise helps keep my kids more focused at school, sleep better at night, and keeps them from getting into trouble.

5 Fun Ways To Help Kids Get More Exercise5 Ways To Help Kids Get More Exercise

If you’re hunting for fun ways to help kids get more exercise here are a few fun things we have come up wtih.  


The park is always a great option to get the kids moving.  With the fall and winter months coming you’ll likely have to choose your days wisely, but it’s a great way to get the kids moving, and get you out of the house.


Sports are another fun way to get kids moving, in a team enjoinment, and to have fun doing it.  Pick something they like, or they are interested in learning.  My kids love to ride their bikes, and it doesn’t matter how cold it is they are always asking to ride their bikes.  However, I don’t always let them when it’s cold out.


Since it’s colder outside, there are great games on the Wii that can help the kids have fun, yet keep them moving. 

Be involved

I work out, and my kids join me more often than not.  Just telling them I’m fixing to go for a walk, or even workout in the living room helps them get active, and it sure helps make mine more fun.  I probably burn more calories from all the extra talking, moving and laughing too.


I love LeapFrog, they have GREAT toys, but their new LeapBand is a great idea to keep kids moving.

LeapFrog LeapBandLeapFrog LeapBand

I recently started wearing a FitBit, and it’s been helping me on my stay motivated to lose weight.  It helps to keep me motivated as well as pay more attention to what I put in my mouth.  It’s been an awesome tool, I’ve enjoyed using the Fitbit it’s helping me reach my weight loss goals & make healthy choices. I the Fitbit has been help fun, and I think it’s great LeapFrog has found something similar, but way more fun for the kids.  Now, LepFrog has an AWESOME activity tracker for kids, and I cannot tell you how excited I was to try it.

The LeapFrog LeapBand is AWESOME, it makes being active fun for kids.  First you’re child can choose their virtual pet, which they will need to take care of.  The more active they are the more points they are, which help them to earn rewards.  Every single time my daughter earns points she FREAKS out, jumps up and down, and tells everyone in the house.  It’s funny, every now and then I’ll see her doing something crazy, and come to find out she’s just keeping up with her LeapBand – Walk Like a Crab, wiggle like a worm, and things of that nature.

The LeapBand is AWESOME, and we had a Fit Made Fun party, which honestly didn’t turn out as good as I liked because of all the rain, and cold weather that happened from one day to the next.  If you know about southern New Mexico we never get rain, and it’s been flooding.  Well, along with that rain was a cold spell and I’m I got very sick, the kids got sick, and every else’s kids got sick, but we still had fun.  We just had to work with what we had, and wait until I wasn’t sick.  Gosh, that was a long few weeks, but anyway.  We made it, received two LeapBands, and had fun.  Mattie had the most fun, for sure, and still is having a BLAST! The other LeapBand we gave to a winner of one of the games we played, which ended up in the kids rolling around on the floor, being crazy, and just having fun – but hey that’s kids right.

On September 6th we participated along with other moms for a virtual Fit Made Fun Day, which was amazing, and so were the CLIF Kid Zbars, which were a HUGE hit with everyone from the younger kids to my teen daughter and her friends.  Honestly, I think my teen and her friend ate most of them, which really surprised me.

clif kid zbarclif kid zbarclif kid zbar

The CLIF ZBars must taste fabulous, the kids loved them, and my teen was asking me for one every time I turned around.  I didn’t try one, but only because they were gone in no time.  They are an organize BAKED WHOLE GRAIN snack made with a nutritious combination of carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and fat to maintain your kids energy.  We want them to have plenty of energy to keep up with the LeapBand.                                                                      

My kids were supposed to take turns showing off the LeapBand and how it worked, but Vayda wasn’t feeling well and Mattie was glad to take over. We focused on learning about health and fitness which really fit since everyone had been sick, and realized the weather is only going to get colder, and we need to focus on ways to keep these kids moving or they will go stir-crazy inside!

It was a blast, and we’re still having a blast with the LeapBand.  If you’re looking for a way to keep your kid moving regardless of where you are I highly recommend the LeapBand, it’s like a super cool, totally fun, kid approved LeapFrog LeapBand! 

You can learn more about the LeapBand by visiting LeapFrog.com

Huge thank you to Mom Select, LeapFrog and CLIF Kid for sponsoring this post, and our party.

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