6 Must-Haves For The On-The-Go Gal

by Jenn

If you find yourself constantly busy, with little time for yourself, there are certain conveniences that you can be sure to bring along which will make your day just a little bit easier. These items range from time savers to items that just make life a bit easier for you and are must-haves for any woman who always finds herself always on the go

Convenient footwear

For any dynamic woman, comfortable and reliable footwear is a must. A pair of flip-flops for those sunny or some casual event, some sturdy boots for formal wear or cold weather, and a pair of slip on sneakers for a day in the office or a walk around the house. Several pairs of versatile, yet stylish shoes are important for any woman who doesn’t always want to worry about matching their shoes to their outfit. Focus on comfort over fashion so that you feet won’t be sore when you do finally get to rest. 

Reusable Bottle or Coffee Cup

An insulated cup or bottle is necessary for any woman who likes their beverages on-the-go. They will make sure that your coffee stays hot and delicious or your protein shakes or water stay cool and refreshing. You can find these items in many different sizes, colors, or prints, which will allow you to find one which fits you and helps accessorize your look. Not to mention they will keep you hydrated whenever you get thirsty. 

Easy to organize purse

Spending time rooting through your purse for some chapstick, ID, or your phone is one of the most frustrating things when you need to be on the move. Disorganized purses are a major waste of time which you just might not have. Pick up a purse with enough storage for whatever you need, but laid out in a way which makes sense to you and you can easily find what you want. Make sure you toss out the trash that tends to accumulate in them and you won’t have to worry about this issue ever again.

Wireless phone charger

If you are constantly on-the-go, you can’t afford to have your phone die on you. Bring a phone charger with you to act as an extra battery. There are even some purses out there that you can plug your phone into and they will charge your phone for you. 

Mini Hand sanitizer bottle

This item is especially important nowadays. A bottle of hand sanitizer can keep you healthy and safe from the viruses which tend to gather on well-used surfaces. Even if/when the Covid crisis gets resolved, there is no reason not to have some sanitizer with you, so you can be confident in what you do, and what you might have to touch. 

6 Must-Haves For The On-The-Go Gal

A Smartwatch

Smartwatches have become invaluable in recent years. They can almost replace your phone, leaving you hands free for other business you need to take care of. It also allows you to see whatever notifications you have from your wrist. A smartwatch will always let you know when you are getting a call or text all while looking like some sort of super-spy. They also come with other features like a step counter, a heart-rate monitor, and a sleep quality tracker. They are truly incredible and nobody who is as active as you should be without one. 

These items will add a little more convenience and structure in your life making sure that even though you are on-the-go all the time, you won’t be rushed in what you do. Which of these must-haves is first on your shopping list? Share with us in the comment section below!

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