6 Simple Tips for Increasing Your Focus While at Work

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Distractions are everywhere, and they’re hard to ignore. All too often it can seem exceptionally difficult to gain full control of your attention span. Truthfully, there are times when the distractions are actually important – for your non-work life, but more often than not they’re simply silly nonessentials vying for your attention. Fortunately, if you follow a few steps, you can discipline yourself to stay focused and productive at work.

1. Create a To-Do List Each Day

Begin each day with a to-do list. Prioritize it so that you get the most important items crossed off first. Then keep going down the list. Sticking with a list creates a visual focus that can successfully compete with all the other stuff vying for your attention. Completing important goals early in the day also allows you to relax a little bit later as you get the less important items on your list accomplished.

It also helps to create a list of all the distractions you want to ignore. Of course, you can’t predict every distraction you will face each day, but, if you think about it, you can probably anticipate most of them.

2. Turn Off Email or Chat Notifications

Turn off email and chat notifications. You can check regularly to see if something important comes up. This will reassure you that you aren’t missing anything while you’re working. However, in between periodically checking for important notifications, focus on the work at hand.

Also, don’t forget that you have breaks during the day. Breaks give you time to cope with whatever else is going on, and they’re a good measurement to use. If the distraction isn’t important enough to interfere with your break, then it isn’t important enough to interfere with your productivity.

3. Limit Non-Work Conversations to When You’re Away from Your Desk

This is a hard one because work relationships are important, but consciously limit non-work-related conversations until you’re on your break. Just let whomever it is know that you want to talk about it later and get back to work.

4. Use CBD Products Designed for Focus

Trying to maintain focus can be stressful. In fact, relaxation actually helps to regain and maintain focus. CBD products can help you to do just that: relax. CBD products may help relieve symptoms of anxiety that come with too many distractions, like the fear of not getting enough done.

5. Clear Clutter from Your Workspace

Clutter makes for some of the worst distractions. It also makes it hard to find whatever you’re looking for. Then you get lost looking and fall into an entire cycle of distractions. Keep your desk as clutter-free as possible. Plus, organizing your desk can help to organize your thoughts.

6. Play Light Background Music to Help Drown Out Sound

Listen to light, calming music to find your focus. Music can calm the body, reduce adrenaline and cortisol levels, and increase mood-boosting neurotransmitters, like serotonin. This lowers stress and makes it easier to focus. Another benefit of music is that it helps to alleviate the boredom at work that makes distractions so hard to ignore.

Remember How Important Your Job Is to You

Keep in mind all the reasons why your job is important. When your attention span seems undisciplined, remember what your ultimate goals are for your job. Once you remind yourself of this, you become determined to remain focused at work. Therefore, make it your mission to remain focused. Then follow through and crush your goal.

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