6 Smart Overhead Garage Storage Ideas You Should Try

by Jenn

Overhead garage storage is becoming very popular. You can find it in almost every garage because it allows storing a lot of stuff while reducing the space on the floor. In addition, overhead garage storage makes the garage appearorganized and saves a great deal of space to manage stuff easily. Below are some of the smartest overhead garage storage ideas that would allow you to maximize the overall space in your garage without making it look clogged. 

  1. Overhead Storage Cabinets

It’s always a good idea to invest in storage cabinets and organizers. So many small items such as nails, bolts, and nuts can easily get lost in the cluttered junk. Storage cabinets and organizers help in keeping them in place. Not only this, but these cabinets are compact and store many things within. So, it’s always a great idea to add storage cabinets and organizers in your overhead garage as well. 

  1. Overhead Pulley 

An overhead pulley system is a great idea. There are pulleys available in the market, specially designed to be installed overhead. So, this means that they are safe to use and won’t fall off. 

  1. Overhead Garage Hooks 

It’s always a good idea to add hooks in your overhead garage storage. These hooks can be very useful and help you utilize the limited space properly. You can hang from the lightest to heaviest objects within your garage in these hooks like bicycles, chairs, ladders, etc. 

  1. Motorized Overhead Garage 

A motorized lift is the most convenient system to add to your garage. You can control these motorized lifts through your mobile phones. Just install the specific app, and you can easily control your overhead storage garage. 

  1. Overhead Storage Racks 

It is the most common form of storage technique that people even use on their houses to store all the unnecessary items. You can simply install thesesteel racks overhead and store the winter or summer gear, which isn’t needed at that particular time of the year. In addition, these racks would create a lot of vertical space right below the ceiling, maximizing the space in your garage. 

  1. Overhead Storage Baskets

Like storage cabinets and organizers, you can even add some overhead storage baskets. Try to use baskets made up of metal as it is more durable than plastic or any other material. You can install these baskets very easily anywhere you want to. These baskets are ideal for storing machinery such as drilling machines, blowers, screwdrivers, hammers, etc. 

These amazing overhead garage storage ideas area must-try. You can organize and get rid of the old junk from your overhead garage after every two to three months. In this way, you would be able to make more space in your overhead garage storage for other useful items. Make sure that you organize all the things properly because if you just keep on stacking things within your overhead storage, it would be of no use. Arrange and organize everything so that you can easily find them whenever needed. 

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