7 Effective Home Remedies for Dry and Damaged Hair

by Jenn

We all want to have long, beautiful and shiny hair. However, our hair does not always agree with us. At this point, you probably tried every product you’ve seen on television, every hair mask on the shelves to fix hair damage. Nothing worked, because your hair still seems to look like the other end of a broomstick. So what can we do to save our hair? That’s simple; we turn to Mother Nature for help by using her natural remedies


When your hair is dry and damaged, it is likely because it’s lacking the protein necessary to keep it healthy. In that regard, an egg mask should certainly bring the nutrients that you need. Plus, the egg whites have a bacteria-removing enzyme that is efficient in removing excess oil – making it a good choice for combination hair as well. 

Coconut Oil

Dry and damaged hair needs all the nourishment that it can get – which is why coconut oil is such a wonder. It has the ability to enter the hair shaft with ease, healing your hair and preventing it from getting any more damaged. Plus, it’s less greasy in comparison to most oils, and easier to wash off.


Honey has always been a very efficient ingredient when fighting dry and damaged hair. Not only does it attract moisture into your hair cuticles, but it also locks it in – making it look healthy and soft. Plus, if you have blonde hair, honey masks can make it look lighter and shinier.


When added in a mask (e.g. with honey, coconut oil, or eggs), bananas can be quite useful against hair damage. They are packed with natural oils, fortifying vitamins and potassium – along with a high moisture content to reduce the damage.

Black Tea

Black tea is quite efficient against damaged and dry hair, as it is rich in vitamin E and C. It can add shine along with softness to your damaged hair. At the same time, it can protect it from UV ray damage. 

White Vinegar

It stinks, yes – but it’s also very efficient against dry and damaged hair. The clarifying property of vinegar removes the buildup from your cuticles and seals them. Plus, its pH balancing properties make your hair shiny and soft. Make sure not to use it more than once or twice a week, as it might dry out your hair even more. There is a balance to respect here. 

Aloe Vera

A pioneer when it comes to natural treatments, aloe vera is also very efficient when it comes to repairing damaged hair. It’s packed with a lot of vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids, which help restore the moisture in your hair. Like with vinegar, you might also want to use it just once a week.

Final Thoughts

It is quite possible to fix your dry and damaged hair; what matters here is that you remain consistent in using these remedies. Keep in mind that the health of your hair also relies on your diet – so, make sure that you eat right and drink lots of water. 

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