7 Things To Ask Yourself Before Getting A Kids Cell Phone

by Jenn

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Making the decision to get a kids cell phone can be difficult, but if you feel your child is ready for a cell phone there are some great kids cell phones available, and they can be beneficial not only to your child, but you.  It gives me piece of mind knowing my kids can contact me if they need to, and if they have that phone I can always find out where they are.  

In today’s world you see kids with cell phones everywhere you go, but how many of those kids really need a cell phone?  I’m going to be honest, my kids have cell phones.  Even my youngest daughter, she doesn’t use it to call or text, but she does use it to watch a move on from time to time.  Our children are growing up in a world of technology, and I want my children to have access to it, so I can teach them how to properly use it. 

things to ask yourself before getting a kids cell phone7 Things To Ask Yourself Before Getting A Kids Cell Phone

My kids having a cell phone is important to me, because I want to know they can reach me anytime they need to – even during school hours if it is an emergency.  My oldest daughter has had to call me from school before, and I cannot tell you how thankful I was she has a cell phone to make that choice with.  Now, my kids also know there are rules to be followed, and they do not use their phones during school hours unless it’s an emergency, because I will not pick their phones up if they are by the teacher.  It happened one time with my teen, and she didn’t get her phone back for 6 months.  In my opinion, they need a cell phone, but they need to be respectful of the rules and responsiblity that comes along with having one.  For me, deciding to getting a kid cell phone isn’t a big deal, becasue I already know why my kids having a cell phone is important.  However, I do remember giving my oldest daughter her first cell phone, it wasn’t that easy.

If you’re having a hard time decided whether or not to get a kids cell phone for your child here are a few questions you can ask youself.

What are the advantages of your tween or teen having a cell phone?  What are the advantages of your child having a cell phone?  Is there a need for them to get into contact with you?  Do they walk home from school?  Are they ever home alone without a phone or way to get into contact with an adult if needed?  A cell phone can be a useful tool, and it does allow your children to get into contact with you when they need, which if there is ever an emergency.  Cell phones can also help you monitor your children, and know where they are when they are not with you.  My kid having their own cell phone is important to me, and there are several advantages for us, but we might be different from your family.

What are the disadvantages of your tween or teen having a cell phone?  What are the disadvantages to your child having a cell phone?  Be sure to set boundaries for tech time, like no phones during family time, at the dinner table, or other times you don’t want their cell phone glued to their hand.  My teen, tends to like to text at all hours of the day and night if I don’t set limits.  Just be sure to have rules, and to check up on your child.  I’m speaking from experience, because you might find they are up until 1am texting friends, or snapping selfies if you don’t.

Can it help your tween or teen learn about responsibility?  I have found a cell phone to be a great way to tech a child about responsibility, but it only works if they are ready for it, and you’re not just giving it to them so they can get int touch with you after they get out of school.  Giving them a little freedom with it, and options that make it appealing to them can help you teach them about responsibility.  Now, I am not saying go crazy, and give them free run with the phone, but maybe allow them a certain amount of text time with friends, or ask them why having anew phone is exciting to them, and help make it a fun experience so they want to be responsible.

Is your tween or teen ready to work to have a phone?  Cell phone bills don’t pay themselves, and this is a good opportunity to teach your children about hard work.  My oldest daughter does things around the house for me to pay her cell phone bill.

How do you feel about getting your child a cell phone?  I think this is most important, because you know if your child is ready to handle a cell phone, or if there is a need for them to have one.  Obviously, if your child isn’t home along, and never walks home from school there might not be a use for one until they get a little older.  You know your children, and your living situation to know  

What features are important when looking for a cell phone for your child?  There are so many cell phones out there to choose from, be sure and consider everything your child will use the phone for, and what you want them to have access to.  As parents many of us look for different things in mobile phones, I use parental controls, and that is something that is important to be, especially for my younger daughter who is just learning about cell phones. 

What rules will you put into place?  Rules are an important part of giving kids a cell phone.  They need to be clearly thought out, and communicated.  When the rules are not followed there should be consequences, before you can take their phone away they need to know your rules, and they need to be black and white.  

Once you have decided to get a kids cell phone be sure to figure out how much you can pay each month, becasue there are affordable phones and plans out there.  Some designed just for children.  We just reviewed a phone from www.MyFirstPhone.com, and I think it’s a great kids phone.  Whether they are just learning how to use a cell phone, or have had one before, we really enjoyed reviewing the Pantech Vybe™.

If you determine a cell phone is a good option for your tween or teen, now is the hard part, finding a cell phone plan that’s right for their needs.  The good news is, it’s probably not going to be has hard as you think, because there are places out there like MyFirstPhone.com who have not only great plans, but great phones too.  Check it out.

pantech vybe kids phoneAbout Pantech Mobile

Pantech Mobile keeps their focus on the customers so they can create a good mobile experience, by providing their customers with a good price and a quality phone without breaking the bank.  When you buy from Pantech, their devices and plans are affordable because you’re not paying for that celebrity who’s’ marketing the phone or wireless plan. Please note that the plan is through AT&T, as Vybe is available exclusively on AT&T’s networt.

Pantech Mobile doesn’t see innovation as just a buzzword, but a way to deliver a WOW customers experience each and every time.  With things like the Flex Android smartphone, dual users interfaces of the Pantech Breeze, and the first ever waterproof tablet, and the Pantech Element.

Pantech Mobile has something for everyone from your basic & QMP phones and Smartphones to Tablets and other derives they know not everyone has the same needs for a smartphone, or in a smartphone, which is why the offer something for everyone’s needs, at an affordable price.   In addition, they have the Pantech Vybe™, which we have tried and think is the perfect kid’s phone.

kids cell phoneThe Pantech Vybe™ from Pantech Mobile A Great Kids Phone

Obviously when you’re buying a mobile phone staying connected is important, and the Pantech Vybe is a simple, and affordable device that allows you to do just that.  One of my personal favorites is the easy to use slide out QWERTY keyboard, which I can honestly say I miss in a phone, because it makes texting easy, and helps give you quick access to whatever you need.  Whether it’s social media or shooting mom a text message we’re loving the QWERTY Keyboard.

kids cell phonesThe Pantech Vybe™ has something for everyone – email, social media, messaging, camera, and allows you to communicate the way you like.  It’s super easy to use, and easy for tweens and teens to figure out on their own.  I let my daughter Vayda use the phone, she had everything figured out quickly, and her favorite feature was the slide-out QWERTY Keyboard.  She doesn’t use social media yet, so she didn’t see the advantages to the social media shortcuts, but without a doubt my teen would have noticed the social media shortcuts right away. 

The Pantech Vybe™ also has a large touchscreen display and customizable home screen so you can easily read text messages, view pictures, play games, browse the web, or check emails.  The 3.2” touchscreen display, and kids can personalize it by customize two additional home screens to organize all their favorite apps and bookmarks.

Camera, camera, camera! Who can go without talking about the camera.  I liked the quick camera button, which is perfect for those selfies everyone seems to enjoy so much.  The Vybe’s quick and easy one-touch, quick camera button makes it easy to snap a selfie or of your cute little bunny doing funny bunny stuff.  Which is what Vayda ended up spending most of her time shooting, but sharing images and videos via text message is super easy as well.  We were easily able to upload images and send them to dad via text message without any issues, but uploading to your favorite social networks is a breeze too.

There is also a dual-user mode, which makes it easy for first-time cell phone users to set up their phone.  Simply unlock, tap, and BAM!  The Vybe is easy to use, and there are two ways to interact with your Vybe.  Easy Mode, which has only one home screen and an easy to use menu, and an Advanced Mode, which is customizable and offers more options and flexibility for the more advanced users.  You can change the phone back and forth without losing any of your contact information, it’s super easy to use, and Vayda really felling love with this phone.

Oh, there is also a music and video player that Vayda really enjoyed.  All my children enjoy music, so the music player and video player was another feature Vayda really enjoyed.  I liked that the Vybe also has hands free, and allowed you to stay connected online with mobile web and email from AT&T.  I don’t know that matters a lot for Vayda, but that was something I liked as someone who is always checking her email on the go. 

Other features I liked – AT&T Navigator, AT&T Family Map, AT&T Drive Mode, which is great for anyone who’s driving and thinks they will get distracted by their incoming calls and text messages.  myAT&T helps you manage your account, access usage, feature information, and your billing information. 

The Pantech Vybe™ is a great device for kids, it’s 4.49” in height, 2.32” in width, and weighs 4.94 ounces.  The Vybe comes with a 3.2” TFT Touchscreen Display, 240 x 400 resolution, Bluetooth, text messaging, email, preloaded apps, web browser, 3 MP camera resolution, 8X digital zoom, MPEG4/QVGA video capture, video player, music player, speakers, and more. 

To learn more about this fabulous device visit www.myfirstphone.com.

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