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7 Ways to Jump Start Your Day


Waking up and starting the day can be challenging. When the alarm buzzes, it seems it’s been only minutes since you’ve laid your head down. Being tired, groggy, and grumpy are not the makings of a good day. It’s easy to stay in this poopy mood, but it sure isn’t productive. I know when I am having trouble getting going in the morning, everyone around me suffers from my poor attitude. That just isn’t fair, so I’ve started making changes and they have helped. Here are 7 ways to jump start your day and get started on a high note!

Krups Coffee Title

  • Practice make perfect

Getting enough sleep doesn’t always come naturally. It sometimes takes some training to get our brain and body in gear. Practice a few things to prepare you for bed. Toss on some pajamas, set your alarm for 10 minutes later, and crawl into bed. When the alarm sounds, get out of bed and start your morning routine. Practice a few times before you actually go to sleep. When your alarm goes off in the morning, your body will automatically know what to do.

  • Plan your morning

Since we’re practicing your morning before bed, then plan for it too. I set my KRUPS Savoy coffee maker to brew just 10 or 20 minutes before I hear my alarm. The coffee maker is super easy to set and the warmer stays on for up to 4 hours at my preferred temperature.

Krups timer

So, if I have a morning that I can sleep in a bit, I know my coffee will be hot, ready, and waiting for me. Along with a great cup of coffee mixed with my favorite creamer, reward yourself with other stuff in the A.M. too. For example, if you shower in the morning, put your comfortable robe in the dryer so it’ll be warm when you get out.

  • Set Up

Heading to bed nowadays isn’t the same now that we have so many gadgets and such. We are bombarded with television, tablets, and smart phones all day, every day. So, set your mood before you head to bed by disconnecting and unplugging. Sit and write a gratitude list for the next day. List things to look forward to. For example, make an appointment to get your nails done or grab lunch with your lovey. Focusing on the fun things to come the next day allows the brain to grow anticipation. It’s easier to get out of bed when we’re excited to start our day and get to the fun stuff!

Happy Girl

  • Routine

Next, it’s time to develop a morning routine. Each time you get up in the morning, do things to help wake your mind and body. I personally like to breathe deep and do stretches while I smell the coffee brewing in my Krups Savoy coffee maker. Since setting the coffee to brew is so easy, I don’t worry the night before. The LED screen is easy to read and I know exactly what time it will start brewing, how long the warmer will stay on, and I can even set the temperature I want my coffee to be. Sometimes I want some hot tea in the morning too, so I just leave the filter empty and use the perfectly heated water to brew some delicious green tea with honey.

Krups Water

When my Krups Savoy is finished brewing, I take my cup of coffee, or tea, out on the front porch, breath the fresh air and sniff the delicious aroma of java. My body and mind know it’s morning each time. Another thing I enjoy is jamming to my favorite songs, like “Good Day Sunshine,” by the Beatles.

Krups Rema Dance

  • Potty

After a good sleep, most everyone has to use the little boy’s/girl’s room. It helps to relieve a full bladder, but it also helps wake up the body. Since you’re already in the bathroom, help the waking up process by splashing some cool water on your face. Take a brisk shower to wake your body fully. Brushing my teeth helps me to wake up because of the minty fresh tingle I get from it. Just be sure to rinse your mouth with water before drinking your Krups Savoy brewed coffee, you don’t want to ruin that awesome flavor with minty toothpaste.

  • Exercise

During Spring and Fall, I love to go for a run or walk in the mornings. It helps to get me going. I feel accomplished from doing something before majority of the city is even awake. A brisk walk or some light cardio along with some refreshing yoga can all help to get the day started. It gets the heart pumping, blood flowing, muscles active, lungs full, and the brain alert. It’s also a great way to build an appetite for those of us (I’m hugely guilty) that skip breakfast.

Krups Stretching Woman


  • Breakfast

As mentioned before, I’m guilty of skipping breakfast a lot, and I feel it throughout the day. A way to get myself psyched about my morning is to buy my favorite cereal and yogurt for breakfast. When I wake up, get my work out in, and my tummy starts to grumble, I love to mix it and munch on it while I sip my coffee from my Krups Savoy coffee maker. Fresh fruits and granola also get me psyched for my morning munching and it gives me energy for the rest of the morning until lunch time.


  • Coffee

I have mentioned it a little in the last few tips, but this is a big one for me, my boyfriend, my sister, and pretty much most everyone I know, lol. I got the chance to try out the new Krups Savoy EC314 coffee machine and it is amazing. Here are the awesome features the Krups Savoy has that are top of the line awesome:

Krups Carafe

  • Glass carafe that holds up to 12 cups of coffee, perfect for long days or coffee with friends
  • Keeps coffee in cup at 108 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Easy to read and use LCD screen
  • Integrated double filtration system for amazing test
  • Alert on the LCD screen when it’s time to descale
  • You can remove the carafe anytime with the Pause and Serve feature
  • Front water tank level is easy to read without opening the maker
  • Comes with a Gold Tone Filter
  • Beautiful modern stainless steel brush finish that adorns anyone’s kitchen
  • Settings for Bold and Regular coffee brewing
  • 1-4 Cup Function:Whether you just want a cup for yourself or more people, it is the same quality coffee either way.
  • Keep Warm Function: Allows the warmer to stay on for up to 4 hours at 3 different coffee temperature settings, which is controlled throughout the brewing and warming periods.
  • Auto-On: Whenever you want coffee, weekend or weekday, there are dual settings for different times and days to ensure you have coffee brewing whenever you want it.

Krups Coffee Machine

So, when I have my Krups Savoy set to brew in the morning, I am confident that it will be ready when I wake up and will be at the perfect temperature and taste when I am ready to have a cup after my morning routine. With all the coffee lovers in our home, it’s great to be able to brew as much as we need and know that it will be warm and ready for whoever needs it throughout the morning. It’s super easy to make, there is no paper filters, the tank is easily viewed to know when water needs to be added, it beeps when it’s ready and also before the warmer is turning off in case I want more warming time, and the LCD screen makes it really simple to set the Krups Savoy to brew any time or day of the week.

Krups Savoy EC 314

Waking up in the morning definitely takes some time and effort to get going. But, with these tips and a great cup of coffee brewed in your Krups Savoy Coffee Maker, getting the day started can be much easier. The start of the day doesn’t have to be anything to dread or a struggle each day. It’s easy to practice, plan, and establish a routine to help your mind and body know what to do in the mornings. In my book, the keys to good mornings are good sleep, good planning, and a great cup of coffee from my new Krups Savoy EC314 Coffee Maker.

What kind of morning routines do you have to make jump starting your mornings easier? What’s your favorite coffee flavors and blends? Share your tips in the comments below. We always love to hear what you have to say!


I have a smart mouth, don't sit still well, extremely opinionated, have a lot to say, work hard, love lots, don't have time for drama, or negativity. I love animals, & my job as a New Mexico mom blogger! I love sharing travel adventures, tech gadgets, recipes, parenting struggles (success), crafts, helpful tips, giveaways and sweepstakes, product reviews, and more.  I have amazing 4 children, and have an amazing boyfriend. On my downtime, you'll find me spending time with my family, traveling, cooking, geeking out on tech, plotting the next home improvement, create crafts with the kids, and riding my horses We are plotting our move to greener pastures, with trees, and stuff. Connect with me on Google + Page.

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  1. Jerry Marquardt November 12, 2015
    This is a very nice and convenient coffee maker. It has the ultimate in quality and I give thumbs up.
  2. Sherry Conrad November 12, 2015
    I drink coffee all day, every day and I killed my good pot a little while ago so I am just using a cheapo while I investigate which model I want - this looks like it could be a winner. (Those single serves just don't work as my whole family lives on coffee- they are great for desserts, or treats, but for serious brew drinkers not so much.) Thanks so much for the review, I will definitely be looking at Krups more closely.
  3. AnnaZed November 8, 2015
    Coffee first thing (New Orleans French Market Coffee with Almond Milk), then basically all day long too.
  4. Kimberly Flickinger November 4, 2015
    I like my coffee when I get up.
  5. rosannepm October 25, 2015
    Coffee-the first thing on my mind when I get up Rosanne
  6. Marnie G (Derrick Todd) October 24, 2015
    Great tips. I really despise working out in the morning. I'm really not a morning person at all. To me the biggest jump start is coffee!
  7. cynthiac October 24, 2015
    I like to start my day with a medium roast coffee with a splash of fat free half & half.
  8. Shannon October 23, 2015
    I don't have a real routine. I love house blend and breakfast blend, also flavored like chocolate. This sounds like an awesome machine and thank you for your review.
  9. Maria Montero October 23, 2015
    I like planning my morning otherwise, I won't get anything down ?

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