8 perfect gifts for the wine-lover in your life

by Jenn

Unless you share their passion and have some expertise in the subject, searching for the ideal gift for a wine-lover can be intimidating. The obvious choice might seem to be a bottle of their favorite wine, but that’s a bit, well, obvious- not to mention that it will soon be opened, enjoyed, and forgotten. And unless you’re a wine buff yourself, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and worried about making a poor choice.

Better to choose gifts that are useful, quirky, or memorable. Below, we’ve suggested a few to get you started on the right track.

  1. Wine Aroma Master Kit 

One of the greatest pleasures for a wine-lover is identifying the complex and delicious bouquet in a glass of wine. If you’re looking for a gift that will take their ability to discern individual ‘notes ‘, help them to train their ‘nose’ with a wine aroma training kit.  

Le Nez du Vin has one of the best, containing 50 distinct aromas commonly found in wine. At just shy of $450 this practical gift doesn’t come cheap, but the recipient will forever credit you with taking his or her ability to appreciate wine, to the next level. 

  1. A treasury of knowledge 

Another way to deepen your loved one’s knowledge of wine is by giving one of the many excellent books on the subject. 

The award-winning ‘Wine Folly’ by Madeline Puckette and Justin Hammack, is an easy-to-read master guide to all things wine-related.

For the history-minded, ‘Women Winemakers: Personal Odysseys’ by Lucia Albino Gilbert and John C. Gilbert is a fascinating dive into the often hidden stories of female winemakers, who have contributed so much to the art, and challenged the stereotypical view of wine as an exclusively ‘man’s world’.

Our final suggestion is ‘Wine Food’ by Dana Frank and Andrea Slonecker, for the wine buff who also enjoys cooking and hosting dinner parties. Each recipe comes with a pairing guide, making it easy to choose the right wine for whichever delicious recipe you’ve decided to go for. 

  1. A traveling wine accessory set

One of the greatest pleasures of wine is to drink it outdoors. Picnics, camping, or just dropping in on friends for an impromptu celebration are all perfect occasions to share and enjoy it.  A traveling wine accessory set, with corkscrew, chill compartments, glass storage, and even a cheese knife and plates, can open up new opportunities for savoring a delicious glass or two when away from home.  There are some great ready-made sets available online, or start with a basic wine holdall and personalize it by selecting each item separately to create a bespoke gift that will find many uses.

  1. Wine Pairing Chocolate Bars 

If your wine-lover is also a chocolate lover, here’s some good news. It’s not only cheese that pairs brilliantly with his or her favorite drink. Why not offer some high-quality chocolate, specially created to complement specific wines, for the ultimate luxurious treat?

  1. Wine Glass Holder 

After a hard day at work, what could be more relaxing than a soak in a tub filled with bubbles, with a chilled glass of wine close by? Yet, it’s one of the problems of modern life.  You want to take your time, even read a book. But- where to put the glass down safely?  If the ledge of the tub is too narrow, you risk accidents. The only solution, until now, has been to place the glass beside you, on the floor. A simple, inexpensive gadget, by Sipski, solves that dilemma. It adheres to the wall and will hold your glass securely, yet within easy reach until you’re ready for the next sip. 

The makers also claim it can be used in the shower, in which case you’ll need a cover the glass to avoid your precious wine being diluted. To be honest, we think the bath is a better option, and more in keeping with a relaxed sense of enjoyment!

  1. 4-bottle Chiller 

Your wine-loving friend probably already has a wine bucket to keep the white wine chilled. But that needs ice cubes, can cause drips everywhere, and the ice will gradually melt. Too much hassle, really. A better alternative is a portable chiller, which can hold up to 4 bottles at a time, and keep the wine cool for hours. If you’re drinking outdoors, or even want to share a few glasses on the beach, this will allow you to savor the delicious coolness of a crisp white without mess or fuss. One of the best on the market is from frontgate.com. 

  1. Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover 

Is it tempting fate to drink red wine while wearing white? All too often, the answer is ‘yes’ and many a happy occasion ends in disaster when a glass topples over. A guest’s pristine outfit is ruined with a huge red stain and a lingering odor of wine. Unless there’s a change of clothes at hand, a trip to the nearest bathroom to sponge away the offending liquid can only result, at best, in a huge wet patch – hardly making the victim feel more comfortable!  Handle red wine stains quickly and effectively, avoiding embarrassment all round with Chateau Spill’s Red Wine Stain Remover.  A must-have for the wine-lover who likes to be prepared for all eventualities!

  1. A Wine Subscription 

When you’re not sure of your recipient’s favorite wines (and want to avoid giving something they definitely won’t like) why not offer them a choice? Many wine clubs now offer gift cards in different amounts. Whoever’s gifted can then complete a profile with their preferences and receive a selection of bottles they’ll appreciate for however many months you choose.  They’ll be thanking you each time they reach for the corkscrew!

  1. Digital Wine Thermometer 

This invaluable device takes the bottle’s temperature and lets you know tells you when it’s the perfect moment to serve it. This one is for the wine-lover who they thought that already had everything! 

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