8 Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Run Fun

by Jenn

Being active and staying healthy are high priorities for a lot of people. There are gyms, spas, yoga clubs, and running groups available to make it a social event and easier to stick to. One of the easiest and most effective ways to stay in shape is running. Whether you are training for a long distance marathon or you fit in a few miles a week, running is great cardio. The one disadvantage of running that I have a problem with is that it gets boring. I have a hard time staying motivated to keep my running routine. I have thought about it, done some research, and have come up with some answers. Here are 8 tips and tricks to keep your run fun and you motivated in your running routine.

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  • Run with a Frisbee

Heading to the park for a run is great for me. The park is close and just running around the perimeter is about 1.5 miles. But, I get bored with the same track and tend to put it off and sometimes completely skip it. The way to fix that is to take a Frisbee to the park. With plenty of grassy area, throw the Frisbee as far as you can and run to catch it before it hits the ground. It’s great explosive cardio and it’s easy to forget that you are getting a run in at the same time.

  • Race, race, race

I am a competitive person, but I prefer to run by myself. I like to race myself or if I see a car coming one direction, I run as hard as I can until it passes me. Another way I compete with my surroundings is I pick a point to run to and time how long it takes me to reach it. I then turn around and try to beat that same time for that distance. It’s a great way to improve your speed without worrying about distance or wearing a watch to time and measure.

Of course, you can always run with a partner or a group that will keep you motivated. It’s a great way to push each other to keep pace and to improve your time. It’s really up to you if you prefer to have a running partner.

  • Skip to my Lou

Running is all about form and posture, but it can still be fun. While I’m running I like to change it up. I do some line dancing moves or skip for a certain interval. I also like to find a desolate, empty road or area and run backwards for some of the time. It helps to work different muscles and it helps to build my knee and ankle muscles too.

  • 4 Legged Partner

I have to amend my previous statement about running alone. I don’t like to run with other people. I do, however, love to bring one of my dogs along. My baby girl Zoë is older and can’t keep up quite as long, so I take her for shorter spurts.

Zoe SwageU

Piper, my big white Golden Lab, on the other hand is a ball of energy. I take her to keep me on pace and, though she is as sweet as could be, she is big and intimidating so I feel a lot safer. So, when I take Piper for a run I am able to run later in the evenings because I have Piper with me.

  • Get off the road

Running on the road is the usual for me because of the city and neighborhood I live in. I like to head out of town and go to the wilderness trails. I also grew up in the mountains and when I visit my parents I head to the trails through the forest. It offers a lot more to look at and you don’t have to worry about vehicle traffic.

Do be careful of wild animals and insects though. Take insect repellent and also know what kind of animals may be present in that area. Read up so you know how to avoid them and be safe if you do encounter them.

  • Add some tunes

When I’m running I tend to let my mind wonder and sometimes I stress too much on how long I’ve been running, how far, and how many calories I’ve burned. Instead of stressing over the numbers, I toss on my SwageU EVO Bluetooth Headphones by RokitBoost and jam to my favorite music.

SwageU EVO Bluetooth Headset

The headset fits perfectly and the sound is phenomenal. A lot of other ear pieces and headsets don’t fit properly and I’m always having to put them back in or readjust. With the SwageU EVO Headphones, they stay in place without moving.

  • Listen to some stories

Using my SwageU EVO Bluetooth Headset helps me keep my pace when I listen to music, but when I want a leisurely run I will listen to an Audio book. I run at a slower pace, listen to a few chapters, and before I know it I have ran for about half an hour and trekked a few miles. It’s a great way to get my heart rate up and catch up on my books as well.

SwageU EVO Bluetooth Headset

And, since the SwageU EVO Headphones are Bluetooth enabled I can connect it to my phone where all my music and audio books are downloaded.

  • Giggle away the calories

The SwageU EVO Headphones are great for audio books and music, no doubt about it. Well, how about some comedy shows? I love to put on some of my favorite comedic acts and listen to their hilarious sets. I laugh so hard that my abs get a great workout along with my cardio workout. The SwageU EVO works as a phone as well, so I don’t ever miss a call. It vibrates to let me know when a call comes in and it’s voice activated. Hands-free dialing means I don’t have to stop my run to make a call or answer when it rings.

SwageU EVO Bluetooth Headset

I do love to be active and I try to incorporate physical activity into my everyday life too. I do yoga, body-weight training, and running to keep in shape, stay healthy, and it keeps me sane. Running can become monotonous and can become hard to find motivation. But, with these different tricks and using my SwageU EVO Bluetooth Headphones by RokitBoost, I am more motivated and I find that I have gotten a significant run into my day without realizing it. I don’t dread going for my run any longer and I’m always looking for other ways to add some fun to my workouts.

What kind of tricks do you use to keep motivated in your workouts, runs, weight training, etc.? Do you use any of these tricks to help you get active? Share any or all of your tips, we always love to hear what our readers are talking about!

Here is some more information about the SwageU EVO Bluetooth Headphones. I absolutely love mine and I was so happy to receive them and I use them all the time, not just when I run.

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Alina Conn October 10, 2015 - 2:04 pm

Love all these tips. I’m an avid runner and these I would share with anyone.


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