9 Creative Decoration Ideas to Spice Up Your Living Room

by Jenn

If a person wants to spice up their living room without spending a lot of money, there are at least 9 ways to do it. Think about rearranging furniture, painting walls, improving the lighting, and decluttering for a start. Adding just a few well-chosen pieces can make the whole room look new. The first step to spicing up the living room might be simply reenvisioning it. This can be done by taking everything out of the room, cleaning it, repainting, and then putting a few pieces back at a time until the room looks complete.

Take a Deep Breath and Start the Living Room Re-design

It is so easy to get used to a room and not really see it. Then at times like this when we are forced to spend more time at home, we begin to notice how worn the room looks, how cluttered, and how out of date it has become. The homeowner may never have the time to tackle redesigning a room because of work and other obligations. Now is the time to tackle this project. It is the change of seasons and a time for new beginnings.

The best way to start a project like redecorating a living room on a small budget is to do a little pre-planning. Make a list of furniture to keep and what to get rid of. Do the walls need to be painted? Does the flooring need to be shampooed, replaced, or refinished? Draw a floorplan to scale of the room and make scale size rectangles of the furniture so you can experiment on paper with new furniture arrangements. Check with furniture companies such as Fombag for one or more interesting furniture additions.

Now, take everything out of the room so you have a blank slate. Clean everything including walls, windows, and floors. Repair wall dings, floor defects, and woodwork. This is the time to consider refinishing wood floors or replacing carpet. Now you have a nice background for the living room furniture and decor.

9 Ways to Spice Up the Living Room

There are at least 9 ways to Spice up a Living Room on a budget. Once your room is clean and ready for an update consider these changes:

1. Give the walls a new coat of paint using soft neutral colors that make a good backdrop for the furniture and accessories. Colors to consider are gray, offwhite, beige, peach, soft blue, or another quiet color. Consider painting the ceiling a lighter shade of the wall color. Adding an accent wall in a slightly darker color is an option. Now the room looks bright and new. Painting the room’s trim can brighten the room.

2. Choose a decorating style or theme to use as a guide as you choose furniture, accessories, and colors for the room. Looking online at decorating sites or in decorating magazines can be a big help. Choose a theme or style that will work with furniture you already have to save money.

3. Look at the windows in the room and decide on appropriate window coverings. Flowing drapes of a contrasting color to the walls and matching the sofas are a good choice. A room with clean contemporary lines might benefit from fitted window blinds in wood or metal or honeycomb shades. Blinds or shades can be used with drapery side panels.

4. Improve the living room lighting to brighten up the room and make reading, gaming, or working on projects easier. This can be done with a combination of ceiling lights, floor lamps, and table lamps.

5. Arrange the furniture in a different way to improve traffic patterns and have a new look. Add one or two new furniture pieces to replace worn-out seating. There are nice new style bean bag chairs that can coordinate with any decorating style and the existing furniture.

6. Repurpose existing furniture pieces with a nice paint job to make them look new again. This works with coffee tables, side tables, or storage pieces. Consider having the sofa or a worn chair reupholstered.

7. Add the correct sized and framed mirror to the room. A mirror can make the room look larger and can reflect and multiply light.

8. Add a rug for more color and interest. If a room has worn carpet and you can’t afford to replace it, add an area rug to hide the worst of it. Or soften a wood or tile floor with a nice area rug in an interesting pattern and colors.

9. Add accessories, pillows, plants, and artwork from around the house to make the living room more exciting and give it the family’s personality. Creative artwork on the walls can include framed photos of family vacations, special occasions, or family interests. Paintings and fabric wallhangings chose for their theme, colors, and quality are a good addition to any decor. If a family member paints or is a photographer their work should be properly framed and displayed.

Decorative pillows can dress up a neutral sofa or chair by adding color and pattern. Decorative accessories such as vases, small sculptures, bowls, and other interesting items complete the decor. A bookcase full of books can add interest and color to a room. The shelves can hold small framed photos and other decorative items as well as books. Adding a boxed home decor is also a good idea, you’ll have your storage and your decoration in one place. 

Remove the clutter

It is important to not put everything you took out of the room back in. Get rid of the things that were cluttering up the room and do not serve a useful purpose. Old magazines and papers need to go. Add a storage piece to hold magazines, books, games, and other items out of sight. Every room needs open space to move around as well as comfortable seating and conversation areas. Less crowded rooms without clutter look larger.

When these ideas are followed, any living room will look like a new room filled with style and more enjoyable to spend time in. This newly redecorated room needs to be kept clean and uncluttered to look its best. If there are more accessories than will fit comfortably in the room, consider rotating them so the living room always looks fresh. Some people have a storage closet where the extra accessories or pieces of art are kept. Then, they change which pieces are displayed with the seasons.

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