9 Fun and Flamboyant Fashion Choices for Men

by Jenn

Let’s face it: men deserve better fashion choices than the dreary, colorless options they’re given. Currently, most men have the choice between a white or black t-shirt, black or blue jeans, sneakers, or dress shoes. Socalital conditioning and the poor stock at clothing stores may limit a man’s fashion choices, but these flamboyant options are accessible, stylish, and full of color.

9 Flamboyant Trends That Ooze Style

1. Skinny or Slim Fit Jeans

Nowadays, well-known brands like the Gap and American Eagle all feature a line of skinny jeans that look fashionable on men. Unlike in the ’80s, these fashion staples are made roomy enough to be comfortable. Skinny jeans suit men who are slimmer and have straighter legs, while slim fit jeans work better on thicker legs and should be worn loose or a size or two up.

2. Versace’s Baroque Bath Robes

Although the Medusa brand is known for its luxury watches and dresses, men may want to pursue their collection of bathrobes by Versace. Using gold and black as their staple colors, Versace knows how to combine opulence with Greek flamboyant fashion to make some astounding pieces. If you’re transitioning to a more colorful wardrobe, why not start at home?

3. Bright Colored Cardigans 

Cardigans have made the tradition from overly masculine to women’s wear, but they’re slowly making their way back around. When it comes to cardigans, style comes first. They can be worn open or closed in summer or winter and flatter the figure similar to a coat. To make a cardigan more flamboyant, try an orange, pink, or white sweater, although white is the safest option.

4. Crop Tops or Belly Shirts

It may feel like crop tops were always considered a “women’s only” thing, but midriff-baring tops were commonplace for men only 30 years ago. Prince, Johnny Depp, and Will Smith all sported cut-off jerseys or sweaters that look comfortable and stylish. Lenny Kravitz, Kid Cudi, Ezekiel Elliott, and Jaden Smith are bringing the trend back with a vengeance, and it’s good to see.

5. Floral Prints on Anything

Flowers are girly, so floral tops are feminine. Well, not quite. As long as you follow the tried and true fashion rule “no florals out of season,” you can incorporate flower prints in your outfits. The most popular ways for men to wear florals are on ties, but this pattern also looks great on button-ups, suit jackets, swim trunks, and, if you’re bold enough, on jeans or trousers.

6. Bags or the “Murse” 

Why do women wear purses? To carry their stuff around without having to use a bulky bag or backpack. It holds true that men would use purses in the same way. The popularity of the side bag rose to prominence in the ’90s, and 2000’s due to runway fashion, and hip-hop continues to rock designer purses. Hip hop continues to challenge toxic masculinity in more ways than one.

7. The Color Pink

Pink used to be seen as a masculine color, while girls often wore white and blue. Since pink contains shades of red, it came to represent power and the power of the male spirit. It wasn’t until the 1950s that association changed, but men can take back that color anytime they want. Pink can be put on almost any clothing staple, so try a pink shirt to start your journey.

8. Scarves or Capes

Another clothing staple that was worn primarily by men for centuries, capes are trendy and easy to wear. Most capes work similarly to a poncho, but they’re draped over the shoulders and hang down. A belt can keep a cape on top of the wearer or to accentuate the waist. Large scarves can be worn similarly, but they usually have patterns on the fabric and are thinner.

9. Glitter Embellished Shoes

Glitter is difficult to pull off for anyone, but it seems to work well on shoes if they’re dressy. Dress shoes have looked the same for years until K-Pop Star G-Dragon collaborated with Giuseppe Zantonie to create a line of glitter-accented men’s shoes that are imaginative, elegant, and androgynous. G-Dragon proves it’s okay for all genders to get excited over shoes.

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