9 Things You Can Do To Help Get Rid Of Pet Odor In Your Home

by Jenn

There’s nothing worse than the smell of pet odor in your home, trust me I know. Most of you know that we have a houseful – too many dogs, cats, and kids. We even have ducks now, but they do not come in the house.  WOW, that would be a scary mess, lol.  If you are searching for a way to get rid of pet odor in your house I do have good news!  I have found it easier to get rid of pet odor in your home than to get rid of kid odor in your home, lol. I think it has to do with the fact that our pets want to listen to us, and kids totally forget that we every said anything, lol. So there is hope, and you can get rid of that pet odor in your home if you’re willing to find out exactly what’s causing it, and once you get rid of it commit yourself to keeping it gone.

white dog on left and black brown and white cat on the leftPet are like kids that listen, but they are work.  They need baths, love, attention, and cleaned up after.  If you spend time working with your pet, it’s likely they will work hard to fix the problem.  If you are searching for ways to get rid of pet odor in your home here are a few things you can try.

9 Things You Can Do To Help Get Rid Of Pet Odor In Your Home

  • Keep your pets clean – If you have dogs and/or cats that you keep inside, give them a bath regularly, or take them to the groomers on a regular basis.  Be sure and brush them outside, and that they are potty trained.
  • Don’t cover it up with perfume or other scented products – Using perfumes only covers up the smell for a short time.  You’re better off spending time and figuring out the best way to get rid of the pet odor in your home.  DON’T spray anything on your dog or cat that is not approved, it could be harmful to their skin.
  • Diet – Look at your dog’s diet, if you’re dog isn’t eating healthy this could be a due to a poor diet.  Take your dog to the vet if you feel this might be the issue.  Something I have noticed is that since I put Skittles on the natural diet he has smelled worse than normal, which means more baths for him.  He loves the attention, but regular bathing has helped with the smell.
  • Bedding – Be sure and wash your dog’s bedding, if you let it sit for any length of time this could be your issue.  Keeping your dog’s bedding clean can help maintain a cleaner, fresher, less stinky home.
  • Clean your carpets – It could be something in your carpets, and the smell is trapped in there.  Clean your carpets to see if that helps get rid of the smell.  Use vinegar, it’s highly acidic and kills bacteria, and removes urine smells that might be trapped in your carpet.  Mix one part vinegar, to three cups water and rub it on your carpet with a brush or cloth.  Allow to sit 3-5 minutes and rinse off with water, allow to air dry.  Your pet might be potty trained, but maybe they had an accident you were not aware of.
  • Air Fresheners – In my opinion these are great with or without pets, but if you’re house smells due to your pets it’s also a good idea to figure out where the smell is coming from, rather than covering it up.  It’s still going to be there when the air freshener runs out.
  • Kitty Box – Clean it daily, and don’t have too many cats using the same litter box.
  • Keep your home clean – Keep up with your house, dogs baths, and washing their bedding.
  • Use a Quality Filter, like  Filtrete Filters by 3M – Filtrete Filter offer an awesome odor reduction filter that works great.

The fabulous Filtrete Odor Reduction air filters are a great way to remove odors in your home.  They use an activated carbon, which helps to remove those pesky odors like: mildew, pets, cleaning chemicals, and more.   Filtrete Odor Reduction air filters carry a Microparticle Performance Rating of 1200 and is electrolytically charged, they also work hard for three months removing odors and particles from the air.

Ways To Get Rid Of Pet Odor In Your HomeFiltrete Odor Reduction air filters are effective carbon filter at removing odors in your home.  They are a great high performance filter with electrolytically charged fibers.  My favorite is the fact that they capture microscopic allergens like pet dander, smoke, dust, and microscopic particles that carry bacteria, viruses, and odors for your home.  Which is great, especially in the upcoming months.

Be sure and read another post I wrote about FiltreteFilters – Eight Ways to Get Rid of Dust in Your Home.

I like Filtrete Filters my husband and I have been suing them for the past few months, and they have been great.  Filtrete Filters offers several different kinds of filters for your home.  Whether you’re looking to control dust, or pet odors give Filtrete Filters a try.

Whether you are trying to get rid of dust, or pet odar Filtrete has something for you.

Filtrete has several great air filters – Clean Living Odor Reduction, Allergen Defense, Clean Living Micro Particle Reduction, and more.  You can find all their awesome air filters on the Filtrete Filters by 3M Website, “Like” Filtrete Filters by 3M on Facebook, and “Follow” Filtrete Filters by 3M via Twitter.

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Missy Frye February 8, 2014 - 3:09 pm

My morning routine includes dipping out the litter box and brushing all the pets. They all love to see me grab the brush – it’s a great for some one on one time with each individual pet.


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