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Ah Goo Baby Review


Ah Goo Baby Review

When it comes to newborns and baby’s, only the best should be put on them. Back in 2005, a small company was formed called Ah Goo Baby. At Ah Goo Baby, they provide upscale baby products at affordable prices. These products provide the ultimate comfort for infants and toddlers.Ah Goo Baby prides itself in creating products that resolve daily frustrations and voids in the way we change, feed, dress, and rest our children.

Ah Goo Baby Review

I remember when my children were just born, minky type fabric was all the rage, but it was super expensive too. I saved up and purchased them a blanket made from this soft plush, but good grief, I could have put a down payment on a car (not really, but you get the point). It sure made nights easier and to this day they still have this blanket, but the price. When I first heard about Ah Goo Baby, I couldn’t wait to give their products a try. Not only are they top notch products, like what you would see in an upscale baby boutique, but they are affordable enough that everyone can afford to spoil their baby.

For our review, we received the Stroller Blanket and the Changing Pad Cover, both in the Audrey print. Both of these products are topped with Ah Goo Baby’s custom-milled and 100% cotton signature patterns. The Stroller Blanket is also back with an ultra-plush blanket. What I love most about this blanket is it can be used for literally everything. It can be used to cover up baby in the stroller or car seat, used when nursing or even when the baby is getting tummy time and needs something soft to lay on. The blanket is also sized at 41 x 30 inches, which is pretty nice sized for a baby blanket. The Changing Pad Cover is made out of the same super soft minky fabric and it also fits most standard changing pads. Changing a baby’s diaper is already hard enough, and having something soft for them to lay down on just makes the experience so much easier for both mom and baby.

Now the price, I bet you are thinking $100+ each, right?! Well, guess what? The Stroller Blanket is available for only $34.95 and the Changing Pad Cover is only $20.95! At these prices, you could get one in every color! If you are a new mom, know a new mom, or expecting, make sure to put Ah Goo Baby on your list!

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