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Give the Gift of Limitless Play with Antsy Pants

“I have been compensated for this post in the form of a product. All opinions are mine and mine alone. This post is sponsored by Antsy Pants”

With no rules, structure, or limits, imaginative play may not seem like an important part of childhood, but the opposite is true. Imaginative play is vital to healthy development and it has numerous benefits. It helps build social, emotional, communication, and cognitive skills while keeping kids active. Antsy Pants knows the significance of imaginative play and they provide the perfect tools to get kids moving and dreaming.

Build & Play Poles & Connector Set

The Build & Play Poles and Connectors Set provides unlimited pretend play possibilities. It includes 78 color-coded pieces including Snap & Click connecters for sturdiness. With the set, you can build a clubhouse, farmer’s market, or even a puppet theater to bring those little imaginations to life. It is  available at Target for $49.99

antsy pants

Cafe Cover

Kids will love serving guests all kinds of tasty treats in their very own cafe. The cover works with the Build & Play Poles & Connector Set (sold separately). It features an adorable design, a cut out window, and a white erase board to display the menu or daily specials. Available at Target for $19.99.

Police Station Play Set

This Police Station Play Set has everything kids need to protect their city. It includes durable poles, Snap & Click connectors, a fabric cover, and a build-booklet. The all-in-one kit is so easy to construct that it took my boys just minutes to set up.  The Police Station is strong and sturdy to keep your little ones safe as they play.  It also has bright colors and fun details including a roll up door. Since it is so simple to build, it can be taken apart as needed to save space. Available at Target for $49.99.

antsy pants

Dino Hoppity Hop

Kids can grab the ears and have a bouncing good time on the Dino Hoppity Hop. It is made of soft materials for comfort and safety. The Dino is also easy to inflate and deflate for simple storage when not in use. It is designed for children over the age of 4 weighing under 100 pounds. The Dino Hoppity Hop boosts creativity and promotes imaginative play. It is available at Target for $34.99.

antsy pants

I love watching my kids engage in imaginative play because they are so carefree and happy . They even get along most of the time, which is rare  when they are playing together.  I am always amazed at some of the scenarios they act out and it reminds me that they pick up on more than I realize. Antsy Pants kits and covers are the perfect way to get kids of all ages pretend playing. I sometimes even catch my older boys playing with the police station and cafe. Of course, their little sister is thrilled with that.

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