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Are Your Kids Fun, Educational Toys The Right Playthings For Teaching?


Are Your Kids Fun, Educational Toys The Right Playthings For Teaching?


Being a on the go parent, sometimes it’s difficult to shop, especially for my kids toys and during the holiday rush “forget it!!” While I’m rushing around, I have often questioned myself and at times, literally saying aloud; Becky, are your kids fun, educational toys the right playthings for teaching? If you’ve been following my reviews then you know that I’m a stickler when it comes to toys for my kids that have educational value. Because I’m super busy I often grab what is available, but not before wasting money on things that don’t work. I try to look for the best toys possible for my kids, there are times I have given in buying that cheap “does nothing toy” and always end up regretting it later. Well, I’m super excited to tell you that I know of a wonderful company that carries nothing but the best, fun, exciting, up to date educational toys ever and more! What’s the name you ask? Lakeshore Learning!

Lakeshore 11

Are Your Kids Fun, Educational Toys The Right Playthings For Teaching?

Oh my goodness, I love Lakeshore Learning, they have all the best educational toys and more all in one place!! The company was built with a child’s development in mind! Here is their mission,

“Lakeshore is dedicated to creating innovative educational materials that spark young imaginations, instill a sense of wonder and foster a lifelong love of learning. With materials for infants and toddlers through the 6th grade, we help children reach developmental milestones and achieve educational goals—while still having fun!”

See I told ya they were all about kids!We received two of their fabulous educational toys, each toy has a different education level according to their age, my 7-year-old Niko received the Real Working Cash Register and our 18 month old little Miss Novalee, the Hide And Seek Beehive. Look how awesome & super cute these toys are.

lakeshore 14

We know that educational learning toys are designed to provide some development benefit to kids and how important it is to choose the ones with the most potential. There is a lot to considered when making this choice, safety of course is the main concern but keep in mind that if your teaching kids the alphabet, it will not give much benefit if you’re trying to promote music recognition and the alphabet will show for nothing when the purpose is to teach numbers. This is why we love Lakeshore Learning so much, they not only have a huge line of educational toys & programs they are there to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your child’s educational development and they certainly know their stuff! You can tell in my images below just how interested, involved and engaged my children are with their new educational toys. Best of all they are so busy having a lot of fun they don’t even realize they are learning! As you will see, even though his little sister wants to get in on the action, Niko loves strengthening his math skills with this awesome sound effects, Real Working Cash Register. He is able to add, subtract and give change with the realistic looking, fake coin & bills. Whats really neat is this cash register also comes with a cute little credit card and all the wonderful fun of learning while playing store.

lakeshore 12Little Miss Novalee sure has been a busy bee playing with her Hide & Seek Beehive sharpening her hand to eye co-ordination while hiding & finding plush bees in this adorable, plush beehive toy. We love the little super soft, plush bees, perfect size for little hands, that have their own, squeaky, rattly sounds and the peak a boo side with a top that flips open so Novalee can put the bees in then take them back out. She is having so much fun, I love seeing her little face as she is learning, priceless!

lakeshore 19Being parents, at times unknowingly, we tend to shut down the very creativity that we hope to instill in our children, this is due to life’s certain rules that we all have to follow, telling them to “stay in between the lines” “build it like the manual says” and “draw it this way” we need to step back and let the kids be on their own so they can freely build, imagine and create to their little heart desires. Lakeshore Learning definitely has the best toys available that are sure to engage a child’s senses, light up their imaginations, build their creativity and encourage them to interact with others!

Hey friends, lakeshore Learning products & merchandise will make great gifts for the holidays and to help you complete your holiday shopping list they have provided all you readers with 20% off any single non sale item!! But you have to hurry this offer will expire 12/312014.


For more information on the Lakeshore Learning product line just visit their website! Being social is the way to go to stay up to date on all their wonderful deals & promotions,

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Becky Schollian

I’m a Certified Nurse’s Assistant from Chula Vista California. With 15 years of experience working Hospice and elder care. Also I’m a proud grandmother of two beautiful children. I’ve traveled as far as Maui Hawaii where I fell in love with the food, beaches, and the fascinating blend of friendlier, quieter country-town vibe. In my spare time I enjoy spending quality time with my grandchildren, cooking, crocheting and hanging out with my dog that thinks he’s a human. Now, being retired, family is my priority and my passion is living life to its fullest.

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