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Baby Sure Does Love Her Difrax Pacifier!!

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Baby Sure Does Love Her Difrax Pacifier!!


When my children used pacifiers, 30 years ago, they were not very safe, there was only one size and they were poorly made. I actually had one of these cheap pacifiers come apart in my daughters mouth when she was 2 years old. This was a horrific experience, I literally had to give her the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge it from her throat, I vowed never to use them again. Because I took the pacifier away so abruptly and with her being so attached to it, she ended up being a thumb sucker until at age 12. This was when she had her braces put on to straighten her teeth from sucking her thumb. UGH!! Well those days are over and I’m super excited to share with you today the best of the best when it comes to pacifiers, Difrax!

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3 Top Tips On Choosing The Right Pacifier For Your Child.

  1. Be sure the model you buy is sturdy and cannot possibly come apart with a shield that’s 1 1/2 inches or larger, to stop baby from putting the whole pacifier in their mouth.
  2. The shield should have ventilation holes to allow air circulation. Without these holes, a baby’s saliva can collect behind the base, causing a skin rash or irritation.
  3. You have two choices between Silicone & latex Silicone nipples are the sturdier of the two. They also clean more easily and don’t retain odors, but they are not as soft in baby’s mouth as the Latex. Latex is softer and more flexible but you must watch out for any allergic reaction. Should you see something is not right, stop using the latex and call your pediatrician immediately.

With a one year old granddaughter still using a pacifier and teething, I was real happy to have received these awesome pacifiers. Difrax pacifiers are an innovative design of pacifiers based out of Europe uniquely designed and engineered to allow for more air circulation using a two hole method.

difrax 3The award-winning Difrax 3-Stage Pacifier System meets all the needs of your child’s developmental stages from birth, plus Difrax allows for extra air circulation which reduces the risk of skin irritation—especially in warm, summer weather. No more red marks or irritation around baby’s mouth. Their innovative line is based on groundbreaking research and development, with all their trendy, colorful styles your little one will be as cute and happy as can be this summer! I know mine is after we opened them our little Miss Novalee held on to her Difrax pacifiers all day well into the night,

difrax 4There are 2 types of Difrax pacifiers, the Classic and the Orthondontic models. I reviewed the Classic model which I really liked because the portion is round with no top or bottom, resembling the nipple, and they’re great for teething too. Here is a short little video of our little Miss Novalee having some one on one teething time with her Difrax pacifier,

As you can see she absolutely loves her Difrax pacifiers. For more information on all of Difrax products just visit their website! Being social is the way to go, be sure to like them on Facebook & follow on Twitter.

Becky Schollian

I’m a Certified Nurse’s Assistant from Chula Vista California. With 15 years of experience working Hospice and elder care. Also I’m a proud grandmother of two beautiful children. I’ve traveled as far as Maui Hawaii where I fell in love with the food, beaches, and the fascinating blend of friendlier, quieter country-town vibe. In my spare time I enjoy spending quality time with my grandchildren, cooking, crocheting and hanging out with my dog that thinks he’s a human. Now, being retired, family is my priority and my passion is living life to its fullest.

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