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Back to School with Peppa Pig !!


I have been compensated for this post in the form of a product. All opinions are mine and mine alone. This post is sponsored by Entertainment One.

As summer is ending and school is starting up again, our little ones are embarking on a new journey with the help of Peppa Pig. Peppa Pig is my daughter’s favorite character, so much so that her birthday party this year is Peppa Pig themed. We love their accents, their favorite snacks and creative animal friends like Miss Rabbit, Emily Elephant and Zoe Zebra. Peppa Pig is a fun show on Nickelodeon, distributed by Entertainment One, that is funny and appeals to boys and girls alike because of the variety of family and friend activities George and Peppa engage in that are appealing to them as well. Peppa Pig and George are both relatable to young children and motivate them to play, have fun and to be friendly with one another while occasionally being messy, of course.

Back to School with Peppa Pig !! | Back to School with Peppa Pig !!Aside from their awesome accent, I love Peppa Pig because she is very inclusive of her young brother George and want positive messages for my children in their entertainment. Of course children love how different Peppa Pig and George sound and funny noises they make when they oink, how dressy Mommy Pig is and how strong Daddy Pig is. It was very thrilling to see my daughter excited about school because of her reading the book, Peppa’s School Day and because she had adorable Peppa Pig gear to show off at school. Both items were very sturdy and can see it lasting well past a year. The glasses are great and fit for any head, I am guilty of trying them out myself, but are a bit heavy for anyone younger than two years as the metal frame is of Peppa pigs snout and eyes, but will last through any rough child hands. I love all the new products that help children and parents through their milestones like potty training with the potty seat and step stools.

Back to School with Peppa Pig !! | Back to School with Peppa Pig !!

We received a Peppa Pig backpack, Peppa Pig lunch bag, Peppa Pig sunglasses and awesome book “Peppa’s School Day”. My daughter was so excited for the backpack and lunch bag, she got ready for school although it was the weekend. She has been wearing her backpack and taking her snacks everywhere. The sunglasses look adorable but maybe a bit heavy as she won’t wear them for too long, but looks super cute for pictures. The Peppa School Day book was pretty fun for them and they took a great liking to Emily Elephant. My daughter is also excited about carrying her Peppa Pig thermos in her lunch bag and wearing her fun Peppa Pig clothes. Her new year is starting off well and full of joy and we hope for the same in your household with Peppa Pig.Back to School with Peppa Pig !! | Back to School with Peppa Pig !!

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