Watch for the New Ben 10 Alien Creation Chamber Releasing this Fall

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If you are like me and have boys at home, you probably know all about Ben 10. The animated series first aired in 2005 and it focuses on Ben Tennyson, a boy with the ability to transform into different creatures thanks to a watch-like alien device. In 2017, Cartoon Network rebooted the series and in early 2018, Season 2 premiered. To celebrate, Playmates Toys, the global partner for the new franchise, expanded its Ben 10 toy line, which includes the Alien Creation Chamber.

Ben 10

The Ben 10 Alien Creation Chamber takes imaginative play to new levels. Based on the hit series, the chamber allows kids to create their own alien figures by mixing and matching body parts. They select and combine the parts inside the chamber before launching their new articulated figures. With so many possibilities, kids will spend hours recreating their favorite scenes from the show. The chamber includes 4 figures: Heatblast, Four Arms, Wildvine, and Grey Matter. It also has a compartment that is perfect for holding additional figures as kids expand their collection with Alien Creation Figure 2-Packs. This Ben 10 toy will be available for $29.99 this fall at retailers nationwide. The Alien Creation figure 2-packs will be sold separately for $16.99.

Ben 10

The boys couldn’t wait to play with the Alien Creation Chamber and add it to their Ben 10 toy collection. As soon as I opened the package, they set out to see what unique alien figures they could come up with. Since we also received two 2-packs of figures, they were able to create so many creatures.Ben 10

They spent hours mixing and matching the body parts and bringing their favorite characters to life. When it was time to clean up for the evening, all the parts fit neatly into the storage compartment. The chamber is perfect for getting kids engaged in pretend play. I love that it brings their imaginations to life and inspires their creativity.

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