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Benefits of Playtime With Your Dog & Our 3 Favorite Dog Toys


This post is sponsored by Chuckit! but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Who doesn’t like to have fun right?  Many dog owners love playtime with their furry friends because, well it’s a blast and they see their dogs happy and having fun.  Playtime with your dog isn’t just fun.  Do you know the benefits of playtime with your dog? What about their favorite toys for playtime?

Benefits of Playtime With Your Dog & Our 3 Favorite Dog Toys

Here are a few reasons playtime is important for your dog and three awesome dog toys to make playtime even more fun.

More playtime can mean fewer behavior problems

Did you know more playtime with your dog can mean fewer behavior issues?  Its true, dogs need physical activity. It’s not only good for their physical health but also your dogs mental health.  Playtime with your dog gives them a positive outlet for their energy. Dogs who don’t get regular exercise and stuck in a yard or house all day can build up energy which is released in negative ways–getting into the trash, chewing up your shoes, etc.

Benefits of Playtime with Your Dog & Our 3 Favorite Dog Toys

Great bonding time with your dog

Spending time with your dog playing is a great way to build a relationship with your dog.  The bond people can build with their dogs can be one of the strongest bonds you’ll ever experience.  Playtime allows you to connect, have fun and just enjoy one another’s company in a different environment while having fun.

Great for your dog’s physical health

Like us, dogs need exercise and playtime is a great time for both of you to get a little physical activity in for the day.  It’s good for their health and yours it’s a win-win.

Benefits of Playtime With Your Dog and our 3 Favorite Dog Toys

Our 3 Favorite Dog Toys

My dog, Sasha has tons of energy.  Playtime is critical if she doesn’t get her playtime it’s not long before she gets into the trash or chewing on shoes.  Sasha love playtime, she isn’t picky and she will have fun playing fetch with just about anything. I’ve never seen her have serious fun until we pulled out her new dog toys from Chuckit!.

There was a huge difference in her attitude, the games she played with the girls, the way she ran, and how long she played which made it more fun for everyone. I never realized the difference the dog toys can have during playtime.  I feel silly for not thinking about this; I mean who doesn’t want to play with the cool toys right.  It makes playtime more fun. I can even tell you which toys Sasha likes best, without a doubt her new Chuckit! dog toys and out of those three, it’s the Chuckit Ringchaser.  I mean she loved them all, but she LOVED the Ringchaser. Benefits of Playtime with Your Dog & Our 3 Favorite Dog Toys

1.) Chuckit! Fetch Flight

The Chuckit! Fetch Flight is gentle on your pup’s gums, making it a great for dogs who love extended playtime and the EZ grip design makes picking it up a lot easier for both you and your pup.

Benefits of Playtime with Your Dog & Our 3 Favorite Dog Toys

2.) Chuckit! Rugged Fetch Wheel

The Rugged Fetch Wheel is fun and a little different from any other dog toy my dogs have played with.  It adds variety to your dogs fetch game and features textured ridges to make it easier for your dog to pick it up and grip.

3.) Chuckit! Ringchaser

The Ringchaser is by far Sasha’s (and moms) favorite!  The Topspin infused action provides an awesome erratic lifelike bounce that satisfies your pups natural chase instinct.  Plus, dog owners will love knowing its slobber free pick up. If you are wondering how I know Sasha likes these toys the best and which one is her favorite, well it’s obvious when you watch her play with them.  She is having more fun, more engaged and she makes sure everyone has fun.

Rather than bringing the Ringchaser back to the kids, she had fun making them chase her, it’s been loads of fun. Oh, and between you and me, I love it because the kids and the dog come home worn out. Benefits of Playtime With Your Dog and our 3 Favorite Dog Toys

Yes, they are also this mom’s favorite toys too, lol. If anyone knows how to Make Fetch Happen, it’s Chuckit!  They have been shaping the fetching came for 20 years and create toys that will help enrich the human and animal bond!  To learn more about Chuckit! head over to their website at www.chuckit.com and #MakeItHappen! Check out how Chuckit! Help us #MakeFetchHappen by watching the below video!  I hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.

What benefits of playtime with your dog have you noticed? What are your dogs favorite dog toys, do they have a favorite?


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