Best Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

by Jenn

Generally speaking, holiday gifts fall into three categories based on price and significance. The first is big-ticket items like expensive electronics and fine jewelry. The second is anything nice but not particularly pricey. Finally, there’s the category of gifts commonly referred to as stocking stuffers. These are relatively inexpensive items that can fit inside the proverbial stocking.

While tracking down the perfect big-ticket gifts for your loved ones can be difficult, stocking stuffers are meant to be relatively easy to find and procure. With that said, coming up with great stocking stuffer ideas is easier said than done.

Fortunately, we have you covered. The following are six stocking stuffer gift ideas bound to be perfect for someone on your list this year:

Useful gadgets

There are numerous gadgets and gizmos that make for fantastic stocking stuffers. Top examples include Bluetooth trackers, compact cameras, power banks, and streaming players. You can also find gadgets that are tailored to a person’s individual tastes and preferences. For instance, you could get a digital guitar tuner for the aspiring rockstar in your family. Is your partner someone who loves to tackle home improvement projects on their own? If so, consider getting them an all-in-one multitool or endoscopic inspection camera.

Tasty treats

‘Tis the season for sweet and savory foods, candies, and other treats. With this in mind, consider picking up some favorite options for your family members. While treats in holiday-themed packaging are all the rage right now for obvious reasons, that doesn’t mean you should exclude anything found in its standard package. It might be fresher and cheaper than the holiday-themed fare, which is often kept in storage in the off-season to be sold again next year.

Holiday spirits

While they’re not suitable options for anyone under the age of 21, wines and spirits make for wonderful stocking stuffers for those old enough to drink. From a variety of airplane bottles to a pack of frozen margarita pops, there’s no shortage of options available for your consideration. We’re willing to bet the gift of good cheer is one that will go over well with your loved ones!

Gag gifts

There’s no shortage of so-called gag gift ideas for everyone on your list. While they’re more funny than functional, gag gifts are a great way to get a chuckle as well as an embarrassing photo op. From the classic Whoopee Cushion to joke books to mullet headbands, the options are practically endless. All it takes is a sense of humor and a knack for finding the perfect gag gift for the right recipient. 

Tech accessories

We’re willing to bet your kids have their own collection of personal technology. The same goes for your partner. With this in mind, various accessories for their tech make for great stocking stuffers. Examples include phone cases, ring lights, auxiliary keyboards, wireless earbuds, and noise-canceling headphones. Just make sure the products you buy are compatible with the recipient’s tech! Otherwise, you’ll be making more than one return after the holidays are all over.

Comfy socks

Those still unsure which stocking stuffers to get their loved ones this holiday season have the answer staring them in the face. Stockings, of course! More specifically, comfy socks make for fantastic stocking stuffers. We suggest going out of your way and finding pairs with themes related to the recipient’s interests. For instance, the Star Wars fan in your family would be happy to get a pair of socks with their favorite character’s image sewn into the fabric. The same goes for any Harry Potter or Marvel fans in your family.

The holiday season is upon us, which means racking our brains trying to think of gift ideas for our loved ones. Once the big-ticket items are picked and purchased, it’s time to stock up on stocking stuffers. From gimmicky gags to useful gadgets to tasty treats and drinks, there’s no shortage of options available. The hardest part will be narrowing the list down to a practical size.

Good luck and happy holidays to you and yours!

Julie Steinbeck is a freelance writer from Florida. She enjoys writing about business, finance, health, and travel.

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