Birthday Presents for Someone Who Has It All

by Jenn

We all know people who are easy to buy for – those with lots of interests and who love everything. But unfortunately, we also know people for whom thinking of a gift is almost impossible. If they want something, they buy it. So what’s left for you to get them for their birthday? Well, there are always plenty of ideas, if you’re prepared to think a little differently…

An experience

They might have all the possessions they yearn for, but have they done it all? Of course not, and an experience day gives them a whole world of new things to discover. If they love art, why not book them a workshop where they can learn a new medium? If they love a cocktail (or two) on a Saturday night, then organise a ‘make your own’ evening, where they’ll learn a bit of the science behind their favourite tipple. If they’re partial to a spa day, then organise a trip to one they’ve never been to before.

A subscription

Has your friend decided they only like one kind of coffee and will continue buying that brand until the day they die? Try broadening their taste buds with a coffee subscription, so they get to taste something different each month (and perhaps switch to a new favourite!). Alternatively, buy them a bouquet subscription, so that they can give their house a fresh look with a new package of colour and aroma arriving on their doorstep each month.

Something to wear

You’ll know the style and colours they go for, so why not have a stab at using this knowledge to find something they haven’t got, but which they might just love? This could be a new hat, a handbag or even women’s thermals to keep them toasty during the cold months.

Something totally off the wall

If they really have everything, then why not take a punt at something they just may (or may not) like? What have you got to lose? One idea might be a brand new set of roller skates – something they’ve previously had no interest in whatsoever, but which they might just try and discover they absolutely adore. A croquet set also fulfils the ‘random present that might just work’ category.

It’s not easy buying for someone who has it all. But a good friend will always appreciate it when you’ve tried to find them something a little different, especially if you let them know just how impossible they are to buy for!

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