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Blueberry Pie Yogurt Parfaits | Keeping Things Wholesome on Snow Days


The kids and I recently had a little fun creating a yummy Blueberry Pie Yogurt Parfait because they wanted something that tasted great and I wanted them to enjoy something that tasted great.  Being mom I want them to enjoy something they like, but try to keep things on a wholesome level too, especially since they had a snow day from school.  They might not need fuel for school, but they were already talking about playing in the snow.

snacks for snow daysI didn’t list the amount of ingredients because it’s totally customizable, easy to make, and depends on the size of your container and the layers in your blueberry yogurt parfait. I will tell you that the Vanilla Honey Graham Go Bites made this blueberry yogurt parfait out of this work. Even my teenage daughter ate the a nice sized serving of it, and she’s been fighting me and trying to live on only junk food. Not to worry, I was young once so I’m winning, especially when I bust out with wholesome breakfast/snacks like these blueberry pie yogurt parfait recipes.

Blueberry Pie Yogurt ParfaitsBlueberry Pie Yogurt Parfaits


  • Fresh Blueberries
  • Yogurt (divided)
  • Vanilla Honey Graham Go Bites

Let’s create a yummy blueberry pie yogurt parfait

go bites

  • First, place your Honey Maid Go Bites into a baggie and break them up.
  • Place a decent sized layer on the bottom, layer blueberries, and blueberry yogurt.
  • Repeat until container is filled.


If for some reason you need to print off the Blueberry Pie Yogurt parfait recipe you can do that using the below form.  I hope you’re ready for a SUPER YUMMY WHOLESOME Snack/Breakfast item!

Blueberry Pie Yogurt Parfaits recipes


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