Bug Infestation Sniffing Dogs: Are they worth it?

by Jenn

Bed Bugs can be a real nuisance in any home. They will target anyone as they will conceal themselves in clothing, soft furnishings, and bags. You won’t know they have hitchhiked with you until you find out they are in your home.

The most common sign that you have a bed bug issue is when you wake up with an itchy red rash. You may also find rust-coloured spots in your bed. Fortunately, bed bugs don’t carry diseases and don’t present a health problems. However, they can cause psychological trauma as no one wants to get into a bed where they think they will be bitten all night. 

The problem is that bed bugs multiply rapidly and they are very small. They are also very good at hiding, which makes it extremely difficult to know if you have eliminated all of them, or not. The best approach to a bed bug issue is to click here and let the experts deal with the issue. They have a range of tools at their disposal, one of these could be the bed bug sniffing dogs.

Do The Dogs Work?

Dogs have as many as 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses. Humans have just 6 million! They also have a larger portion of their brain dedicated to analysing smells, making it no wonder that dogs are much better at detecting aromas than humans. 

But, it’s not just aromas, this volume of olfactory receptors allows dogs to detect pheromone changes in your body, they can identify drugs even in a suitcase of other smells, and they can even detect life forms, such as bed bugs.

In short, a dog has the capability to locate a bed bug just by using its nose. 

The Training

Of course, every person has their own skill set and the same is true for dogs. Some dogs are excellent at sniffing out bed bugs, others aren’t. The only way to tell is to train them and assess their performance. 

Training takes time and costs money, that’s why specific breeds of dogs are preferred. Once they have been trained, usually by using reward therapy, the dogs can be assessed by an independent specialist. If they pass the assessment they will receive certification. 

This confirms they are capable of sniffing out bed bugs and ready to go to work.

Why They Are Worth It

Bed bugs hide in your bed, specifically in folds of the fabric, between the mattress and the bed frame, and even inside your duvet. Alongside this, they can hide in the carpet, curtains, and many other places. 

In other words, you’ll struggle to find all their hiding spots and free your home of the bed bugs. However, a trained bed bug dog will locate all the places they are hiding, allowing the experts to effectively treat your bedroom and the entire house if necessary.

This will give you a bed bug-free house and the pest control specialists will be able to guarantee it!

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