Buying the perfect gift for your boyfriend or husband in 2022

by Jenn

With birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s Day, and the holidays closing in on us, we’re all panic-Googling gifts for our partners. Let’s face it, we all think we know our boyfriends and husbands until these defining moments have us sweating and scrolling through sixty-something gift ideas on Cosmo. But here is the thing, gifting isn’t rocket science- it isn’t; however, when you’re looking to sum up your bond with that special gentleman, a dozen socks and a paisley print tie don’t cut it. Why not? Because the good old socks, boxers, ugly ties, and coffee mugs are a little outdated, and while you might think they’re classics, most guys find them effortless. So, if you’re trying to buy a thoughtful gift that’s romantic and sentimental while still maintaining a tone of practicality, perhaps it’s time to scratch out the cliche male presents you have lined up.

Six timeless gift inspirations for your boyfriend or husband

Shopping for the gent in your life should be anything but stressful- this is your person, and you know their personality, interests, and inspirations like you would the back of your hand. Like most couples, too, we’re sure you’ve run through all your gifting game tricks over the years. Or worse, your partner seems like they have everything you’d think to give. Lucky for you, though, we have just the thing for every type of guy- yes, you read that right, from the nerdy-nerd to the self-proclaimed food god and the sports fanatic. We’ve come up with six of the best gifting ideas for every type of boyfriend and husband, so you might want to get that credit card ready as we take you through this curated list of gifts.

Boys toys

Boys love their toys, and your man is no different. Take a leap this year and treat your spouse to some gentlemen’s hardware; this could be anything that aligns with his interests, past times, or new year’s resolution. Think about it; it’s a genius way to show your man you pay attention to those 3 A.M thoughts. Now is the perfect time to refer to the hike rambles and penknife he had when he was twelve for a blast from the past. Go for the hints and spoil him with some hiking gear, a personalized toolbox, or that multi-tool swiss army knife he wouldn’t stop talking about (this stuff never gets old). 

Get geeky

All men are techies at heart; you can’t argue with that. Guys will always appreciate some cool tech gadgets, especially if it’s something they could use. Go the geek route and surprise your gamer boyfriend with the latest wireless headset or controller and if your budget allows, go a little crazy and add that PS5 to your cart. Not his jam? Anything from a smartwatch for the fitness freak to a projector for the cinephile and an Apple AirTag for the husband that can never find his wallet will go down as a thoughtful gift.

Taste indulgence

Tickle his taste buds with some of his favorite indulgences. We’re talking cheat day meals, dinner dates, a personalized bottle of whisky, spice collections, coffee brew kits, chocolates, you name it. Can’t decide? Curate a box with all of his favorites, from candy to beer, snacks, and charcuterie boards; there’s no limit. Regardless of the occasion, we’re sure your husband or boyfriend would love to come to his comfort food.


Whether it’s a celebratory gesture or a just because present, self-care items will always get a vote on the gift list; get your man’s self-care routine up to date with a skin and body care hamper he’ll never get enough of. Hunt down some fresh-scented aftershave and shampoo, a beard kit, and some musky cologne you’d love to smell on him. Don’t forget to throw in some wellness vitamins because investing in your partner’s health is also love language- you heard it here first.

Touch of luxe

A little luxury never hurts anybody. Consider gifting your boyfriend or husband a little luxurious token they’ll cherish forever this year; God knows he deserves it. Look up high-end pieces that are sure to match their style; wrap it up perfectly; this could be anything from a Rolex watch to a luxury perfume, designer wear, and candles. We all love to be spoiled with luxury every once in a while; bet your partner is no exception.

His buy

For those who’re stuck in a creative rut, let him buy his gift. Yes, you read that right. The beauty of gift cards and vouchers is that they take the responsibility out of your hands, and you don’t have to stress yourself out as much. Get a gift card for your husband or boyfriend that he’s likely to use, with our personal favorites being ASOS, Primark, and Mark and Spencer. However, if you’re not feeling the store vouchers, his auto shop or choice coffee house subscription will prove just as imaginative.

Experience treats

Experience treats are highly recommended for the man who seemingly has it all. Trust us; he hasn’t had nearly enough adventures to last him a lifetime. Set up an escapade for you and your partner, preferably an experience he’s never had. Does he fancy an adrenaline rush? Nothing would top bungee jumping and cage swimming with the sharks. Wine tasting and outdoor movies should bring delight to the laid-back guy. The luxury lover shopping sprees, and helicopter tour of the city, would be a memory to hold. Don’t forget to snap cute pictures to commemorate these moments.


Gifts are meant to be a sentimental token of love and appreciation, not a point of frustration. So while you’re looking to be a thoughtful and practical gift-giver, try not to take the meaning out of this love language with nerves. We see no need to get yourself worked up when your present is heart-felt. After all, that’s the point of gifting- pure expression. Instead, trust your gut, feel it out, and don’t hesitate to refer to this list anytime you need some inspiration for your boyfriend’s or husband’s birthday, promotion, or anniversary.

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