CBD Gummies 101

by Jenn

CBD has skyrocketed in popularity over the past couple of years and almost every day it feels as if a new CBD product is being released into the marketplace. With all of the products in the CBD marketplace, there still remain a few types that have become staples in nearly every company and retail location. However, we want to focus on one of the most common and effective ways of taking CBD, CBD gummies. CBD gummies come in various shapes, sizes and strengths, and the marketplace can be a little overwhelming if you don’t know what to look for. In this article we will highlight some of the pros and cons of CBD gummies, as well as how to spot a quality CBD gummy. 

What is CBD?  

To understand the marketplace, you first have to understand CBD at its core. CBD is one of over 100 different cannabinoids that can be found in the cannabis plant family. Although CBD and THC are both part of the same plant family, they do have very different characteristics. Similar to how oranges and limes are part of the Citrus fruit family, but obviously have very different characteristics. CBD is derived from hemp, meanwhile THC is derived from marijuana. THC is known for its intoxicating side effects, leaving users feeling “high”. Meanwhile, CBD is THC-Free and will not leave users with these unwanted side effects, so users are able to enjoy the medicinal marijuana benefits associated with the cannabis plant family without any psychoactive effects. 

CBD Gummies 101

What are CBD gummies

CBD gummies are a form of edible that contains CBD. More often than not one of your favorite sweets comes with CBD in it. CBD gummies can easily become the little sweet you treat yourself to, that packs an assortment of medicinal benefits. Using CBD in edible form has its perks when you pick a good source. When using edibles, you can get the exact dosage you are looking at each and every time. The convenience of using edibles is second to none, they are easy to carry around and are oftentimes delicious. 

With all of these positive attributes, there are a couple of negatives. When using CBD in edible form you will lose some of the medicinal value as it passes through your gut. Last but not least, CBD edibles can sometimes have varying amounts of CBD per gummy, which is why we urge you to always purchase CBD gummies that are infused, never dipped, sprayed or coated. When using CBD edibles that have been dipped, sprayed or coated, you truly do not know how much CBD you are getting in each piece. A good rule of thumb is that if the packaging does not say infused, you can assume that the brand is dipping, sprayed or simply coating them, we recommend staying away from this type of business practice. Below you will find some other important attributes to look for when browsing the CBD marketplace. 

CBD Gummies 101

Grown & Extracted In The USA

We strongly urge consumers to use CBD products that are derived from hemp grown and extracted here in the USA. Some companies cut corners and use hemp imported overseas which oftentimes has heavy metals and pesticides in the soil that is used. These type of harmful compounds do not belong in your CBD. 

Seed To Sale Traceability 

You want to ensure the brand you choose has full traceability from seed to sale to ensure that you know exactly what batch of raw CBD oil is used in your finished products. These finished products should have a batch number that links back to third party laboratory results that can easily be viewed. This ensures that what is on the label is what is in the bottle.  

CBD Gummies 101


Trust comes from transparency. Transparency is a must in the CBD industry, this industry is not regulated at this point and you have to believe in the brand you are purchasing products from. You always want to purchase from companies that disclose their cultivation and extraction methods. Always take your time and do your research when making any purchases in the CBD industry. 

One company that checks off all of these important guidelines is GoGreen Hemp. GoGreen Hemp is one of the oldest CBD-only companies in the industry and has been serving consumers since 2016. There are four principles they call the GoGreen Hemp Gold Standard. The GoGreen Hemp Gold Standard is their commitment to quality products, consumer education, transparency and economically priced products. 

GoGreen Hemp gummies are all infused for consistent potency each znd every time. They have a wide variety of edibles such as CBD gummy bears, CBD peach Rings, CBD natural fruity chews, and CBD vegan drops. All of these options use THC-Free broad spectrum oil and are not only effective but also tasty. 

If you are looking for a CBD option that does not have to be ingested but instead used topically, we highly recommend the CBD stick. This CBD stick is loaded with 1000mg of broad spectrum CBD oil and is made with three simply natural ingredients: MCT, beeswax, and CBD. 

These are just a few of the many THC-free products GoGreen Hemp has to offer. We hope this article has been beneficial in your search for CBD gummies!  Using CBD in edible form has its perks when you pick a good source. 

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