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Choosing The Perfect Kids Scooter For The Holidays!


All of us who have kids know that scooters have been around for decades. We parents also know that scooters are a big demand with the kiddos this time of the year. So choosing the perfect kids scooter for the holidays can become a bit overwhelming to say the least! The good thing is scooter quality, technology and their designs has changed to suit how they are used making our choices easier, oh how I love evolution!! Your child can ride a scooter of any size, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy for them to properly operate, manuever or be comfortable and fun. For your everyday needs, a scooter that is the right size for your child’s body, is going to provide you with the most enjoyable experience. I also want to be sure my child has the best of the best when it comes to scooters, this is why we LOVE Razor!!

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Choosing The Perfect Kids Scooter For The Holidays!

  • Safety gear-  safety first make sure your child has their safety gear on.
  • Age- You want to be sure the scooter is the right size for your child. Never choose a scooter that is too large. This will make it difficult to handle & ride. Don’t think they’ll “grow into it” this can cause a loss in confidence and lead to accidents.
  • Comfort- How comfortable your child is with their scooter when they take it for a test drive will determine their over all experience. Factors to keep in mind are; How easy it is to control? Are the handle bars the appropriate height and is it easy to steer?
  • Decide- How do you plan to use the scooter? Majority of scooters are built for basic riding, but If your child is a dare-devil, pro scooters are designed specifically for stunts & tricks.
  • Durability- Money can be an issue when it comes to choosing a scooter. If you buy a cheap scooter you’re going to find it will not last. This can be a huge discouragement for your child. It’s always better to shell out the extra crash for a scooter that will last for years to come.

You just can’t go wrong with a Razor scooter, not only are they affordable but they’re built to last! We were sent for review the Razor E100 electric scooter, this bad boy “ROCKS!! The E100 electric scooter features a kid-sized deck and frame for riders eight and up. This quiet running, electric-powered scooter tops out at 10 miles-per-hour, how cool is this?? Check it out!

RAZOR  14The E100 is from the Razor electric scooter line. So easy to assemble, it took a whole 20 minutes right out of the box. All we had to do was allow it to charge for 12 hours and Niko was off and riding. After full charge the Razor E100 allows for up to 40 minutes of continuous use. This awesome electric scooter is super fast, reaching speeds up to 10 mph. We made a quick video demo for you,

Niko loves his E100 electric scooter as much as he loves his orange ‘Run A Muck’ shirt!! The Razor E100 is absolutely gorgeous, has a sleek design and it’s available in three colors, Red, Pink & Black, best of all its built with a light up, all steel frame, definitely made to out last my little guy! Niko had no problems with his first run on the E100. He just started to foot pedal, used the handle acceleration then the kick-start, high-torque, chain-driven motor took over and off he went. At first he was zooming around but in no time he had mastered the Twist-grip acceleration control and he was in complete control of his speed. The hand-operated front brake was easy for him to grasp and allowed him to brake perfectly & safety.

razor 33

What we found was a major plus is the 8″ pneumatic front tire and the Urethane rear wheel provide fabulous traction and magnificent road grip, giving the E100 a smooth, quite ride. We also love that the on & off switch & battery charger is easily accessible, all at the touch of your finger tips! No scooter is complete with out a kick stand! I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that this wonderful electric Razor scooter has its own retractable kick stand! No more leaning the scooter against the side of the house or outside structures.

razor 55

The Razor E100 has got to be one of the best electric scooters on the market. Children have enjoyed foot-propelled scooters for decades, now they can zoom on with Razor electric scooters. Their sleek designs and fast wheels have made a comeback in popularity, they have scooters for all ages and ALL Razor products & merchandise are built to last! You can see just how much Niko loves this E100 electric scooter from Razor!!

razor42You just can’t go wrong with Razor! If you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift, the Razor E10is for you!! For more information on the complete Razor product line just visit their website!

You can also stay up to date on fabulous deals & promotions by liking & following ALL their social networks,

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Hey friends, if your child is an experienced rider and they love to do stunts & tricks they may be interested in becoming a part of the Razor community, head on over to the official Razor Rider site and sign them up!!


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