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Christmas Party Games for Adults & Kids


This is a sponsored post for Amazon in partnership with Forward Influence. All opinions are my own.

The holidays can be stressful, so a few years back I hosted my first Christmas party for a few loved ones and close friends.  The idea behind it was to just have fun, play some Christmas party games, laugh, and leave your stress at the door. Come in your P.J.s! We don’t care, just enjoy a night off, there isn’t any seriousness going on here!  It’s sort of a reset button before the holidays are here and we have people coming and going, food to cook, and everything else going on.

Christmas Party Games for Adults & Kids

Christmas Party Games for Adults & Kids

Over the years, we have played a lot of Christmas games, some are a huge hit and others have been a flop.  Since the holidays can get expensive, I thought I would share a few of our favorite inexpensive Christmas party games adults and children can play.   

Funny Gift Exchange (Game or Theme)

This can be a fun game or you can go with it as the theme which is what we have done for the past two years.  We did this because the holidays can be stressful, and we all need time to just step away from the stress, enjoy our company and laugh.  It’s amazing what a night of laughter will do for a person during the holidays.

If you do the funny gift exchange theme, then you have to get gifts that make you laugh, not just for the exchange but there needs to be a prize for all the other games you play too.  I’m super excited about our party this year because I got great gifts that are sure to make everyone laugh. Plus, I grabbed something for everyone in the family because I knew we needed something to make us smile, too.

Since our gathering is about avoiding stress, the last thing I want to do is stress out getting prizes and gifts for the gift exchange which is why I turn to Amazon.  They have low prices, amazing deals, a HUGE selection, they make life easier because I can jump online and find everything I need, and BAM fast delivery to my doorstep.  Oh, and get this … EVERYONE gets to enjoy free shipping on purchases through December 18 for orders that arrive in time for Christmas – shop hundreds of millions of items with no minimum purchase amount!  And, if you are a Amazon Prime member, then you will get free same-day delivery and one-day shipping in 10,000 cities and towns coast-to-coast. OMG, talk about smiles!

You can find your family and friends the perfect gift that will deliver a smile by visiting Amazon.com/gifts.  Amazon is my go to place if I want to deliver smiles to family and friends.

Amazon is committed to #DeliveringSmiles this holiday season in a variety of ways, be sure to stay tuned throughout the holiday season to discover just what they have in store.  

Santa Claus Beard Hat Beanie

Christmas Party Games for Adults & Kids

This is one of my favorites!  It’s a handmade knitted Santa Claus Beanie! I’m hoping I win it this year because it will be warm and comfortable to wear when I’m out playing with my horses. My fingers are crossed.

Long Sleeve Autumn Winter Hoodie

Christmas Party Games for Adults & Kids

I couldn’t help it. I got two of these reindeer hoodies so my boyfriend and I had matching festive shirts.. I did this to be silly, but after thinking about it I know my guy will love it because it’s funny, different, and just silly. I’m sure we will sport our matching reindeer hoodies until the weather warms up.

Ask Me About My Trex T-shirt

Christmas Party Games for Adults & Kids

Here’s yet another fun gift capable of brightening someone’s day. I love it. The shirt is printed in the USA and you can get it in different colors. Since I got my boyfriend and I matching reindeer hoodies I had to get my kids something, so, I got an extra T-Rex shirt for my daughter because she loves dinosaurs.

Octopus VBIGER Windproof Beanie

Christmas Party Games for Adults & KidsMy boyfriend has been begging me to give this to him and get another one for the party, but I can’t do that. Where is the fun in that? Plus, don’t tell him but I might have purchased an extra one to surprise him with, MAYBE I DID.  It looks warm right, the knit ski mask shaped like an octopus, tentacles and all.

Novelty Funny Saying Crew Socks

Christmas Party Games for Adults & Kids

OMG, I saw these taco socks and had to get them.  My friends and I are always talking about tacos so they are perfect, but you can score these funny socks with different saying about coffee, wine, bacon, beer, donut and more. I got my oldest daughter a pair of these Novelty Funny Sayings Crew Socks with the taco saying because we were joking around a while back saying we needed socks that let everyone know not to talk to us unless they brought tacos.  It without a doubt put a smile on her face and I admit I’m a little jealous, I sort of wanted to keep the taco socks for myself (lol).

Since I was shopping, I grabbed my boyfriend two pairs of Comfort Denim Outfitters Regular Fit Jeans for a great price.  He wears all his jeans to work and needs some nice jeans for gatherings and such. I haven’t given them to him yet, but I know he will love them and will wear them to work. which is why I’m not giving them to him until the night before our party.

Christmas Party Games for Adults & KidsGuess How Many

When a guest walks in the door, give them a pen and a piece of paper to write down how many ornaments they think are on the Christmas tree. Yes, this means you will have to keep count while you are putting up the Christmas tree!

TIP–Use a pen and a piece of paper yourself, it’s easy to lose track while counting and a lot more ornaments fit on the tree than you might think.

Christmas Party Games for Adults & KidsCandy Canes

You remember playing spoons, right?  Well, this is the same thing but with candy canes, a little sweeter than spoons, right?  Be sure to grab a few extras boxes of candy canes, they break easier than spoons but it’s loads of fun.

Santa Limbo

How low can you go … wearing a Santa belly under your shirt?  Yet another fun Christmas game people of all ages can play is Santa Limbo.  Just grab everyone a pillow and line up. Who will be the last Santa standing?

Christmas Party Games for Adults & KidsSnowball fight

This is always a huge hit with the kids!  Use marshmallows, let the snowball fight begin, and have fun!  You’ll probably find marshmallows in your house for the next month, but it’s worth it.

Pin the nose on Rudolph

A wonderful spin off the traditional Pin The Tail On The Donkey Game is great for all ages only a little more difficult.  Well, it is for me anyway. Getting that red nose on Rudolph is so much harder than the tail on the donkey. I’ve yet to win either but always have fun.

Christmas Party Games for Adults & KidsOrnament Race

Forget the egg, grab two spoons and two Christmas ornaments and let the race begin.  Yes, for this Christmas party game we are putting a spin on the traditional egg and spoon race.

Christmas Two Truths and a Lie

Each person will tell three stories about themselves, two will be true and one will be a lie. Everyone has to guess which one is the lie.  Try to stay focused around the Christmas theme to make things a little more fun.

Christmas Party Games for Adults & KidsCandy cane catch

Grab two chairs line them up about 5 feet away from one another.  Grab two pieces of ribbon and tie them on each side of the chair, then do the same thing to the other chair.  You’ll have two ribbon tightropes.

While each person is standing on the seat of a chair, they will try to drop the candy cane on the ribbon.   Be sure to set a timer. We play this for 30 seconds and whoever gets the most candy canes on the ribbon wins that round.  It’s harder than it looks, but a lot of fun.

Xmas Hat or Stocking Toss

Create a goal by tying one Christmas hat or stocking (I prefer to use hats) between two posts or two chairs. Give each player a bucket of bells or ping-pong balls (preferably different colors).  Line the players up as far back as you want and let them race to be the first one to bounce a ping- pong ball into the hat. They have to hit their own hat/stocking for it to count – and, yes, it has to bounce first!

Christmas Party Games for Adults & KidsJenga


There is nothing fancy here, it’s just Jenga, but it’s by far one of my personal favorites and something we play almost every single year for Christmas.  And the best part it is affordable, you can grab Jenga on Amazon.com for a super affordable price and it’s a game you can have fun with all year around.

Christmas Party Games for Adults & Kids | Christmas Party Games for Adults & Kids


Be sure to check out some of these other blogs for great ideas this holiday season.

To grab your family and friends a gift that will bring a smile to their face be sure to visit amazon.com/gifts.

Do you have any upcoming Christmas parties or have you played any fun Christmas party games in the past?  I’d love to hear about them so I can add some new games to our party next year?


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