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Cleaner Living with Endurance BioBarrier


Living in Florida is such a wonderful experience. The sun, the fun, but there is one major problem that everyone in this state has to contend with, and that is the mold. There is mold everywhere, luckily, we have Endurance BioBarrier products to eliminate that mold easily. 

Cleaner Living with Endurance BioBarrier 

I am constantly fighting the mold problem. Ever since we moved to this state in 2000, it has been an uphill battle to curb the mold that forms in a blink of an eye. I can remember when we were looking at homes in the area, seeing the black roofs on homes that were only a few years old. Now the shingles themselves were not black, of course, but in asking our real estate agent why all the roofs were black, I was informed of the mold problem in beautiful Florida. Of course, I was not too pleased to hear what was expected of me for future cleaning reference, but the other amenities of the state make living with this condition bearable. Now the fanatic that I am, I hate to see the mold and mildew form on my sidewalks, driveway, paving stones on our patio and our tool shed. So, I get the trusty power washer out at least twice a year and spend nearly all day hosing down everything with a bleach and water solution to help prevent the mold from building up so quickly. A dream come true would be to find a product where I could prevent mold and mildew from returning. My dream has come true with two products from Endurance BioBarrier: Cleaner Prep and Non-Toxic Anti-Mold Protection.


Endurance was kind enough to allow me to review both the Endurance BioBarrier Clean Prep product, as well as the Endurance BioBarrier Non-Toxic Anti-Mold Protection product. 

Although Florida is well known for it’s mold and mildew problems, mold and mildew can be found in almost every home, despite your cleaning expertise. Tile, grout, flooring, brick, cement, wood, carpet, leather, glass are just a few of the places where mold and mildew occur. Of course, bathrooms and kitchens are crucial areas where you need to prevent mold and mildew from occurring, for obvious health reasons. To begin the process of keeping the mold and mildew at bay, you need to prepare your area.


The first product, the Endurance BioBarrier Cleaner Prep is what you need to use to clean the mold and mildew. The product is relatively easy to use by just opening the sprayer on the bottle, apply a mist on your surface from a distance of approximately 6 to 8 inches away. Spray until the surface is wet and then allow it to stand for 1 to 5 minutes, or for tougher jobs, let the spray remain for up to 15 minutes. Then simply wipe or rinse until clean. Depending on how soiled the area is, you might want to repeat the process until you reach your desired level of cleanliness. This water-based bio-degradable cleaner is low foaming and removes the dirt and great without any residues. It is also safe for people, pets and plants, so it can be used both inside and outside the home. It deep cleans shower tiles, grout and painted walls to remove existing mold, mildew and grime. This product is specifically designed for use with the Endurance BioBarrier Non-Toxic Anti-Mold Protection product.


And now the real work horse, the Endurance BioBarrier Professional Strength Non-Toxic Anti-Mold Protection. This product is what I used to as a preventative barrier to my surfaces from the formation of new mold and mildew. To use this product, you open the sprayer and spray your surface from about 6 to 8 inches and spray until damp. A fine mist is best and if you spray too much, it is best to remove the excess as it can pool and create a visible film. Then the best part, is that you let the product air dry. Do NOT wipe it dry as you will be wiping away the protective barrier you have worked so hard to achieve. The product has a low odor so you may enter the room once the material has settled, and completely air dried in about an hour. This product can be used on areas such as wood, plastic, glass, drywall, carpet, grout, fabric and other surfacces, but always test on a discrete area before applying. Each 32 ounce fluid ounce bottle covers an area up to 250 square feet. 

The Endurance BioBarrier won’t wash away; it says active through hundreds of wet/dry mold growth cycles, and prevents the growth of mold and mildew up to 6 months on flooring and bthrooms. It prevents growth up to 2 years on interior and exterior walls and ceilings and up to 25 years in enclosed areas. 

The company claims that this product is the longest lasting mold preventive coating product available, so I put the products to the test, although because of time constrictions, I could not wait the entire 6 months.





I tested these products on three different areas: my backyard shed, a flower pot and my shower. Following the directions, I first sprayed the Endurance BioBarrier Cleaner Prep on my shed. I followed up by spraying one of my flower pots. I immediately turned back to the shed to rinse it off, waiting approximately 2 minutes. I wanted to get an idea of exactly how long I should leave the spray on to work its majic. Looks like I need to leave it on for the full 5 minutes, but most of the mold has been removed in just the minute that I left the product on. For tougher jobs, however, one might need to wipe or even scrub the area.  When I redo the area, I intend to use a scrub brush since the shed hasn’t been cleaned in an entire year.  I’m satisfied so far.





I intentionally sprayed only a portion of the terra cotta flower pot so you could get an idea of how the product worked. After hosing down the portion of my shed with the Cleaner Prep, I returned to the flower pot to hose it down. Again, the process only took a couple of minutes and as you can see, it worked wonders.  And again, a light scrubbing on this tougher job would be beneficial to these pots as they have been setting out all year, as well.  Next, I turned my attention to my shower.





Wow, I didn’t realize that my shower was that bad, but after seeing this picture, I am in desparate need of the Endurance BioBarrier products! Again, following the instructions on the bottle, I sprayed my shower and let it sit for 15 minutes and then rinsed it. I used my handheld sprayer for this procedure. I only had to spray my shower once and then followed with the Non-Toxic Anti-Mold Protection. 

Now, I understand that once both the Cleaner Prep and the Anti-Mold Protection products are used, I will not have to apply any cleaners to my shower for up to 6 months. That definitely saves me time. Of course, should a buildup of soap occur prior to this 6 months and I use a scrubbing cleanser to remove the soap scum, I would then need to repeat the process because scrubbing will remove the protection. However, I can still use a cleanser to remove the soap scum and wipe it on, instead of scrubbing. That way, the Endurance BioBarrier coated surface is not disturbed. Still, all in all, just the thought of not having to clean my shower for 6 months definitely makes my day, and I am sure that any homemaker will agree with me in this respect. 

When a company makes a bold statement such as this company has, it only leaves me setting out to prove them wrong; however, in this case, I could not! These products truly work and with minimal effort involved. No more getting down on my hands and knees to clean anything, just spray with the power of the Endurance BioBarrier products, wait a few minutes and then thoroughly rinse the area, and follow up with the application of the Anti-Mold preventative coating. And, best of all, I don’t need to worry about cleaning that area for at least 6 months or longer. 

Time to check out the Endurance BioBarrier’s website for information on how you can help prevent the build up of mold and mildew around your house prior to having to resort to using any cleaning agent. 

The Endurance Company has a variety of products to help you with your mold and mildew problems. One product I especially like, which I felt compelled to tell you about is the Ultraviolet LED Flashlight Blacklight. For the DIYer, this is a great aid in ensuring that you have protected the entire area that you intended because protected surfaces will glow.  Plus it’s on sale.  Check it out on the company’s website today.


You can purchase both the Endurance BioBarrier’s Cleaner Prep as well as the Endurance BioBarrier Non-Toxic Anti-Mold Protection, and other fine Endurance products on the company’s website. Furthermore, you can also purchase these products at fine retail establishments online like The Home Depot, Sears, and Amazon.com, as well as select TrueValue stores. 

Socialize with Endurance BioBarrier on their Facebook page, as well as their Twitter, You Tube, LinkedIn, and Google+

So many products on the market claim that they will remove mold and mildew; however, they are on the expensive side, and really don’t work that well, and none offer a guarantee of a 6 month protection like Endurance BioBarrier does. I am completely amazed at the wonders that the Endurance BioBarrier products have done on various areas that I tested around my Florida home. I truly appreciate the fact that these products are safe for people, pets and plants as well. Run, don’t walk to the Endurance BioBarrier website today to get your products to remove that mold and mildew from your home.




Karen Hand

By biblical standards, I am young, by any other standards, I am young at heart. Living in Florida, married to my wonderful husband Kenny for 29 years. I have two children and two step children. My children are all adults; all are within five years apart in age, and all married with families of their own. I have seven grandchildren in total. When I am not writing on Jenns Blah Blah Blog you will find me spending time with my family.

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