Color Is My Inspiration! Bring On The Olympic Paint

by Jenn

You know I went to Lowes today to check out Olympic paint and man, they have so many great colors.  I went to Lowes with a project on my mind and left with about 4 or 5 more ideas.  I hate to say it, but I don’t know what I am going to do now.  I was initially going to repaint the picnic table my husband built for me a while back.  I love it, but it needs some TLC especially because it’s fixing to be summer and we spend most of our time outside.  Not to mention the fact that we always have people over.

color is my inspiration

So my trip to Lowes wasn’t a complete mess, I learned that color inspires me.  You would think I would know that by now, but I just always thought it overwhelmed me.  See, on the positive side I now have a list of things that need to be painted and I’m excited about that, not only because I enjoy painting, but I LOVE making things beautiful with a fresh coat of paint.  It’s amazing what a beautiful color of paint can do for everything from your bedroom wall to your old beat up picnic table outside.  If you ever feel like you just need something different, go to Lowes, choose one of the many beautiful colors of Olympic paint and paint just one wall in your bedroom, bathroom, or wherever you want.  The difference is amazing; it feels good.  Just be careful because it can be addicting, but on the other side of things, it can save you money.  Picking something up at a garage sale for next to nothing and painting it is often much less costly than buying it new.  Plus, you’ll never again be board lol.

So Many Colors So Little TimeI so wanted to tell you about a certain project I was going to do but look at all the beautiful colors I had in front of me today.  I can’t lie to you; I have so many things that need to be done, and I’m feeling inspired after my trip to Lowes.

pink and brownI’m going to have to sit down and do some serious thinking and make a choose which project I want to do first and share with you and Olympic Paint.  I love the Razzberries, Black Magic and Windswept colors from Olympic Paint.  Definitely my favorite colors, I think I’m going to use them for the spare bedroom.  If I could, I would paint my bedroom with those colors but I’m pretty sure my husband doesn’t want our room razzberries but then again, he just might be okay with it.  Stranger things have happened in this house.   deck

I’m leaning toward a table that my husband built for me that desperately needs some TLC, but I don’t want to make any promises because there is also the picnic table that needs TLC before we start doing our weekly cookouts, new deck that needs stained (how can the above image not inspire a person to get their deck finished), three chests my husband built for our girls, an old table that belonged to my grandmother I want to redo, my office needs some TLC and our spare bedroom is another room that needs a serious makeover.

paint colorsOh, and husband is building me a coffee table and a cabinet for the front room!  If he finishes those, I might end up doing that because the table is going to be amazing and I love the Pacific Pearl and Safe Harbor colors.  They will look GREAT in my den; I already have the dark brown where I want it, and the specific Pearl and Safe Harbor would help give the room a little personality.

You know, though, I have been wanting to use the pallets I have outback to make some signs with cute saying on them for the kitchen and the den.   I need to hurry up and build my floating shelves for the den too.  Oh, who knows, maybe I can get with my husband and see if he wants to help me just finish the den.  Between the two of us, we should be able to get it all done and share the results with you.

paintCan you tell I’M SO EXCITED TO START PAINTING!  It feels good to be motivated and inspired again.  I had to step back for a bit because I just wasn’t feeling it and I’ve learned it’s best to step back and give myself room to breathe.  Too many times have I forced myself and make the wrong choices which in the end was more work because I had to redo everything.  So it feels amazing to be this excited and motivated to get everything done.  I’m so ready to turn this house into a home!

I promise I’m not crazy; I’m excited.  Not only have I been stuck in a rut as far as choosing colors and decorating but (some of you might already know) my husband and I have added on to our home and been remodeling the old part of our house for the past year.  We are finished with all the major stuff; it’s time to finish up and finally make this house we are living in into a home that we love.

I’m so excited to get started on all our projects!  Do you ever feel like you need a change in your life?  Try something, go to Lowes and choose a color of Olympic Paint that you like and just paint one wall.  I think you’ll be surprised how much that one wall can change a room and how much better it can make you feel.  You can even put a stripe around a room, or a neat design.  It’s amazing what a can of paint can do.


I need to stop looking at all these pictures because I keep coming up with more things I want to get taken care of, lol.  My husband is going to be home soon, and his honey does list is going to be super long lol.


I used to have a darker colored bathroom, and that was a mistake, I always wanted to hurry and do whatever I was doing so I could get out of there.  I didn’t’ realize it until we painted the bathroom a lighter color how much a color can influence the way we feel while we are in a room. I mean look at the above image, doesn’t the bathroom look calming?   The colors make it the perfect for a nice relaxing bubble bath after a long day, and it’s bright, so I’d feel awake and be able to sit back and appreciate  the experience.

If you need a little inspiration, you can swing by Lowes and grab some of Olympic’s color swatches and color pamphlets, or you can always swing by Olympic’s website.  You’ll find tons of inspiration there and of course, all you social butterflies can follow Olympic on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It’s truely amazing what a little bit of color can do!

This is a sponsored post written by me for Olympic Paint.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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Mai T. April 26, 2016 - 3:41 am

Painting is hard work. But the result is satisfying, I’d love to repaint our kitchen to but have not got the guts or the money to do it.


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