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Common Holiday Grievances, How to Cope


stressed businesswoman with blowing hairIt may be the most wonderful time of the year, but with the hustle and bustle of the holidays comes an enhanced version of many people’s pet peeves. Traffic, annoying in-laws, spending excessive money and getting fat all top that list. How can you conquer the seemingly inevitable? Learn how to counteract your biggest A-game nemesis in this article.

Crazy Traffic

Not much is more frustrating than navigating busy streets near major shopping centers during the holidays. Safety poles like retractable bollards pop-up on streets and in parking lots to manage traffic and sometimes create the need for alternate route planning. Be sure to check traffic news before you head out, practice defensive driving and patience while driving during the holiday season.

Spending Time With Family

It wouldn’t be the holidays without a little family drama, right? Some people really enjoy the extra family time while others dread unwanted time with in-laws and awkward family gatherings. How can you survive dreaded family functions? Accept who your family members are and don’t go into the holidays with unrealistic expectations that they are going to be different. Once you accept this, place boundaries on your relationships and really think about how much time you can or can’t handle with particular people. Remember that your attitude can make or break an experience, try to find something you enjoy about every person you encounter.

Crowds Of People

It seems like the closer you get to peak holiday season, the harder it gets to “just run to the store.” Regular shopping trips to Target and Walmart require waiting in monstrous lines. Avoid lengthy check-out wait times and shop during irregular hours like the early morning and late at night; lunch time and after work are peak shopping hours.

Christmas Music, EVERYWHERE

Hearing “Feliz Navidad” 200 times in a month is not enjoyable for everyone, but with Christmas music playing everywhere it seems unavoidable. Luckily we live in the age of technology and this is nothing carrying an iPod can’t fix.

Awkward Work Events

Holiday office parties can get a little weird. Although you can’t control the weirdness of others you can set guidelines for yourself to keep the environment light and fun.3D Keep Calm And Merry On Button

  • Give yourself a one-drink minimum and two-drink maximum
  • Don’t dress inappropriately
  • Use it as an opportunity to mingle and network
  • Don’t gossip

Getting Fat

Getting fat and the holidays go hand-in-hand, right? Wrong! Although the holidays can get busy don’t ditch your workout routine! Making time for exercise and limiting your

consumption of holiday cookies and other high-sugar and high-fat foods will help you maintain weight stability through the holidays.

Spending Money

There are always so many things to buy during the holidays! Avoid racking up your credit card bill during the holidays by shopping smart and keeping a close watch on your spending. $20 here, $10 there—it’s easy for small purchases to add up quick. Smartphone apps like Expense Manager can help you keep track of expenses by documenting them as you make them. Be sure to shop sales and discount stores when you can! Don’t overspend on on items like gift wrap and gift bags.

Fruit Cake

Does anyone actually eat this traditionally awful holiday “food”? If fruit cake has lasted this long in our culture chances are it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Although, residents of Manitou Springs, Colo., have found an alternative use for the fruity food via their annual Great Fruitcake Toss. Where participants create crazy cake-throwing contraptions and compete to see who can throw their fruitcake further. Maybe this pastry has finally found its purpose in life.


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  1. lisa January 5, 2013
    Ha! I LOVE IT!!! That @$%% music starts right after Thanksgiving.Please! Crowds,rude pushy people. Drivers talking or texting.Don't get me started. I have and will never try fruitcake. As far as the in-laws go.They can eat the cake.Just venting.Love the article!
    1. Jenn January 6, 2013

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