Create Your Own FUNdraiser at Chuck E. Cheese’s

by Jenn
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Chuck E Cheese is without a doubt the place where a kid can be a kid and we all probably have memories of going to Chuck Es. Cheese’s.  Oh, you remember earning those tickets, trying to get enough tickets for a certain prize, and the pizza.  Oh, the pizza!   Don’t you just love thinking back to good childhood memories, like the fun that was always had at Chuck E. Cheese’s?  I know I sure do, and I can honestly say Chuck E. Cheese’s memories are all happy memories and I’m glad it’s something I can share with my children too.  I want all their Chuck E. Cheese’s memories to be happy ones too.

Create Your Own FUNdraiser at Chuck E. Cheese’s

 While the games and running around is without a doubt a blast did you know that there is more to Chuck E. Cheese’s than just the fun?  Oh yes, it’s a great place to make money too.  No, you can’t go and earn money for yourself.  Well, I guess you could but you would need to apply for a job first.  What I am talking about is FUNdraiser?  If you have kids that go to school listen up because you are going to love this.


FUNdraiser with Chuck E. Cheese is super easy to set up for your school or favorite charity.  Simply choose a date, fill out the online form, and promote your event.

Create Your Own FUNdraiser at Chuck E. Cheese's

Don’t stress the form it’s super easy to fill out.  After you fill out the form someone from Chuck E. Cheese will get in touch with you about your event.  You can use Chuck E. Cheese’s online invitations and printables, and they will mail play passes and stickers to your school to help promote you event. You can even schedule a visit from Chuck E. Cheese himself!  How cool is that?  On the day of your event, if you promoted it you should be able to sit back and enjoy as people show up at Chuck E. Cheese to have fun, play games, and 20% of the sales from food, merchandise and tokens will even go to your school or organization of your choice.  Is that awesome or what?  I love it, Chuck E. Cheese is not only a place where a kid can be a kid but they can also learn the importance of and how easy FUNdraiser can be.

Create Your Own FUNdraiser at Chuck E. Cheese's

Another great thing about Chuck E. Cheese’s is that they support education in our community and have given more than $14 million to schools and non-profit organizations through their fundraising events.

When you schedule your FUNdraiser with Chuck E. Cheese’s they will even hook you up with a 20% donation to your school for all sales that are generated by your participating friends and family members.  If you raise more than $3000 a 20% donation applies for anything under the $3000.  Plus, you’ll get materials to help promote your event, visit from Chuck E. at your school on the day of the event, free meal for teachers in attendance, and a 10-free play points sticker for each child that is enrolled.

So how do you schedule a fundraiser with Chuck E Cheeses?  If you are a non-profit private or public preschool or elementary school with 75 or more students enrolled to be eligible.  You can learn more by visiting the Chuck E. Cheese’s website.  You may also want to connect with Chuck E. Cheese on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese’s. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Amber Ludwig November 18, 2017 - 7:27 am

Im not sure what happened to my original comment but I think this is great! Chuck e Cheese is such a fun place and a great place to have fun and raise money! I love that they give back themselves too!!

Amber Ludwig November 18, 2017 - 7:23 am

How fun!! What a great place to raise some money!! Tons of fun and happiness there!!


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