Creating The Ultimate RV Welcome Packet

by Jenn


There are plenty of reasons to make an RV welcome packet — be it if you’ve just secured your first rental after listing your RV, or are beginning to rent out your travel trailer, or you just want to create a better experience to make it more appealing. A great place to start is always the welcome packet. After all, first impressions matter, no?

A welcome packet is a great way to create a unique and personal touch to your RV, and it can make your renter feel welcomed and familiar. A welcome packet should include a host of different information, including what is available for the rental, as well as the amenities the RV has. It should also include information on the operation of all the different aspects of the RV. Making sure that all this information is easily available for the renter will not only make sure that you won’t have to deal with incessant calls for help, but it also smoothens out their experience and gives them a better time.

Start With A Welcome

Everyone likes a nice greeting, and that is no different when crafting up a good RV welcome packet. Don’t be afraid to be more personable and introduce yourselves, as it makes your renters feel comfortable and welcomed. Show you’re just as excited for their trip as they are! Maybe share a little about your own experiences in the RV you’re renting out, where it’s been and the memories you’ve had with it. Encourage them to make memories with the RV, and also remind them to get familiar with all the steps required to use the RV. During the Covid-19 period, it is also important to mention that they have to adhere to cleaning requirements and policies as advised by the CDC. Everyone’s safety is just as important as their fun!

Share Your Information As Hosts

Here, it is a great place to put your preferred method of contact and give a short personal introduction. Here is also a great place to put who is best to contact regarding different aspects of the rental. Oftentimes, you as hosts are more knowledgeable about different things, and it is a great idea to list out who is best to contact regarding what. Keep it short and simple here!

Reminders And Things To Keep Note Of

Here is a great place to list out the more technical aspects of the rental, and what is provided. It is important to be transparent with the costs so that disputes are kept to a minimum. Put the important information here, such as fees for things like tank dumping, type of fuel needed, the specifications of the RV, and other such information. Also include any other information that is important to remember when using it, such as what kind of toilet paper is usable and how big the water tanks are. In this section, also include a breakdown explaining how to clean down the RV as per CDC Covid-19 guidelines.

Also, include reminders to the renters to ask any questions should they have any queries or concerns. 

On-Board Extras

There are a ton of extra items and amenities that you, as the host, can provide for the experience. The most important part is to be transparent with what you’re providing and what you’re not, as well as if you’re charging for them.

Create different packages that the renters can opt for so that they can customize what they need and don’t need for their trip. A popular package that many take revolves around the kitchen, so it is suggested that you provide such an option. Whatever package you choose to provide, have a layout picture accompany each package to make it easy for renters to see what they need and don’t. Also, they’re more likely to opt-in for these packages if they can see what’s being offered and can better imagine themselves needing it.

Creating The Ultimate RV Welcome Packet

Suggest What May Be Needed For Their Trip

Some of your renters may be first-timers, and would not be entirely versed on what is needed and what isn’t. Why not lend your expertise in this field and create a list of what is recommended to bring? No one likes bringing things they end up not needing and missing stuff they do actually need, and we have all been there before.

A great way to help your renters prepare and feel more comfortable is to create a checklist of what they should bring for a great trip in your RV. Also, consider leaving a blank page with different categories to help them sort out what they need for themselves. The categories will prompt them to think about what they should bring for different needs, and will make their planning a lot easier.

Talk About The Furnishing

A question that many renters ask that we as hosts often overlook is about the bedding and seating arrangements. Give your impressions and how many people can fit comfortably. Be honest, as this will better prepare them in their planning. We want to make our renters happy, after all!

Training Manual

Though it is a good idea to include an owner’s manual for the more technical aspects, it is highly recommended that you create a simplified, what-you-need-to-know manual that is easy to digest. After all, your anecdotal experience and expertise on your RV would likely be more valuable than the tome that is the owner’s manual.

A training manual is handy to come alongside an RV walk-through, as it is easy to forget information when there is so much to soak in. Remember to write your guide simply, as if someone is reading it for the first time. Go through aspects like the seating, how to operate the tanks and lights, and where everything is.


When creating your RV welcome packet, simplicity and providing vital information are the most important. Remember when crafting it that our end goal is to make the entire experience as seamless and easy as possible, and having access to vital information is important to achieve that. Feel free to also exercise your creative hand, too! 

A visually appealing packet is a great way to entice renters to look through it and excite them for their trip. As we’ve mentioned previously, getting your renters excited for their trip often starts with dispelling their fears and concerns!

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