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Cruzee Balance Bike + Accessories Review


Cruzee Balance Bike + Accessories Review 1

I have been compensated for this post in the form of a product. All opinions are mine and mine alone. This post is sponsored by Cruzee Bikes.

Teaching a toddler to ride a bike is no easy feat, but with the Cruzee bike company you can take the stress out of it and have a fun experience with your child. Cruzee is designed to make riding a bike a fun and easy learning experience. They have few parts and are easy to assemble to make things smoother on parents as well. Their shop has everything you can need, balance bikes with foam or air tire options, helmets, smaller tires, mini horns and replacement parts. You will leave their site with the full package and a fun experience waiting for you and your child.

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The colors on the balance bikes were fabulous. I was stoked to find a product that my 2 year old could use. He recently showed interest in his older cousin’s bike but needed something just right for his age and height. The balance bike, although it has no pedals, helps him learn to ride a bike much more confidently than one with training wheels and is very light due to its aluminum frame and foam tires. In just a few short days his balance has increased tremendously. He has stumbled a few times, but the helmet provided helped me feel secure about having him balance on his own. He went from having to hold his feet down initially to gliding on small ramps in days! The Cruzee Ultralite balance bike stood out for me for two reasons, 1) the foam tires and 2) adjustable seat. The foam tires make it so you never have to worry about maintenance and you have a lighter item to carry. The seat can adjust as your little one has a growth spurt without feeling like they will outgrow the bike, from about 24 inches to 48 or more. This is going to be such a fun bonding experience between our son and us.

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We received an awesome bundle from Cruzee including a Melon 8 Ball Helmet, a blue mini hornit, Sir Ride Alot t-shirt, 2T, and a blue Ultralite balance bike. My son’s favorite part of the package was actually the mini hornit as he would stop at times and “walk” with the bike and honk it. The color meshed perfectly with the Ultralite balance bike and his Sir Ride Alot t-shirt. They have wonderful shirt options for boys and girls. I can’t wait to gift this to others, this would make a great 1st year gift and such a fun experience for parent and child alike. The helmet was great too as it cushioned his head well with the foam attachments provided and helped this mom feel comfortable while having him balance his way at the park. I can even use this at home! I love, love Cruzee and their awesome selection. This summer will be one of much learning and fun.

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Cruzee Balance Bike + Accessories Review 8

Check out more of these products on their shop page, starting from $12.99 for the mini hornit to $219.99 for the air tires balance bike option. Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. davehenly July 30, 2018
    nevermind the bike. I just want that sweet tee. :D

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