Customizing your Nike Air Force 1s

by Jenn

In the world of sneakers, few boast a more iconic status than the Nike Air Force 1. Loved by athletes, musicians, and fashion enthusiasts alike, this timeless silhouette has transcended generations and trends to remain a true streetwear staple. In the world of customization, you can transform your favorite Nikes into one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art. 

This article dives into the art of customizing your Nike Air Force 1 shoes.

Get Ready to Customize! 

While there are already many styles to choose from, starting off with as blank a canvas as possible is a great idea. Customizing your white Nike Air and  Force 1 shoes allows plenty of room for creativity. Here are a few items to consider adding to your toolkit before you hit create mode on your Nike Air Force 1s. 

  • A good cleaner with acetone. This removes the factory finish of your sneakers, allowing the paint you apply to stick to the surface better.
  • Painters tape. Mask off the areas you don’t want to be painted, and enjoy clean lines and neatness with your design.
  • Leather paint.
  • Sharpies or markers such as Posca markers.
  • Glue for sequins, fabric, or embroidery patches.

Custom Painting Your Nike AF1s

Let’s look at three great techniques for giving your Nike Air Force One sneakers some ink. 

Sharpie Style Markers

Add unique doodles or create sketch marks for that cartoon look, using markers such as Posca markers or Sharpies. 

Spray Paint 

Once you’ve masked off areas that you want to stay original, find a ventilated area, put on that mask, and get spraying. Create gradient patterns or single-color blocks. 

Spatter Paint  

Once your workspace and sneakers are prepped, dip a small brush into a pot of leather paint and flick over your AF1s. Alternate between being closer and farther away to get different-sized paint spatters, have fun, and go all Jackson Pollock on your sneakers. 

Bedazzle and Stud Your Nike Air Force 1s

Whether you’re into multi-colored sequins, rhinestones, or shiny spikes, adding some texture is a great way to customize your Nike AF1 sneakers. Xavier Kickz demos this and other techniques on his channel. 

Customize Your AF1s with Fabric or Embroidery 

This customization style can be relatively cheap as you can make use of affordable or free offcuts from your local fabric store, recycled old t-shirts or denim, or even an unused quality branded bag.  

Applying fabric, the pro version

For those customizers who are able to use a sewing machine, there’s another level-up opportunity here. Remove the Nike Swoosh by unstitching it from the shoe, then wrap your desired fabric around the swoosh and carefully sew it back onto your shoe.

Embroidery patches

Applying your favorite embroidered patch to your Nike Air Force 1 sneakers is a simple option. Youtuber Jordan Vincent creates one-off designs using embroidery patches, applied to AF1 sneakers

Make Your Nike Air Force 1 Sneakers a Unique Expression of You

Whether you prefer the artistic flair of painting or spray painting, the sparkling fun of bedazzling, the added texture of fabric, or the intricate beauty of embroidery, these iconic sneakers serve as the perfect canvas for your creativity. 

Nike Air Force 1 sneakers offer the ideal blend of style and performance, making them a versatile choice for a wide range of lifestyles. So, step into the world of customization and let your unique personality shine through your one-of-a-kind pair of Nike Air Force 1s.

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