Cute & Easy Bunny Butt Cookies

I have been so excited to share these cute & easy Bunny Butt Cookies with you!  Not only becaue they are cute but OMG they are super easy cookies to make for Easter.  I guess in a way you could say the easy Bunny Butt Cookies are no-bake lol.  You’ll see waht I mean when you read the directions, I guess I just mean they are no-bake for me lol.  I normally make everything from scratch but I also have to remember to be real, we don’t all have that kind of time.  I remember working, there is no way I had the time to cook like I do now that I work from home.

Cute & Easy Bunny Butt CookiesSince we are keeping things real, I’m going to bet the kids really like these cookies lol. I know I will never complain about a soft yummy cookie with a cute bunny butt on it lol.  However, I will complain about the fact that I can’t believe Easter is already so close.  Seriously where does the time go.  It seems like just yesterday my daughter was born and she is FIVE now!  My husband and I are going to have one more little one but to be honest I’m a little worried about the whole mesiquo thing because the last thing I want to do is be selfish and put an unborn baby at risk like that.

Anyway, let’s not talk about the negative things right now.  It’s almost Easter and the weather is warming up and that is GREAT right!  Let’s get started on these awesome Easter Cookies with a cute and easy to make bunny booty.  Check it out!

Cute & Easy Bunny Butt CookiesCute & Easy Bunny Butt Cookies

You’ll need the following ingredients to make the bunny butt cookies: 

  • Loft soft cookies sold at Walmart or local grocery stores 
  • 1 bag of coconut 
  • 1 package of Wilton PINK chocolate wafers 
  • 1 package of Wilton Icing decorations Bunny feet sold at Walmart or local craft stores 

Cute & Easy Bunny Butt CookiesAre you ready to see just how easy it is?

  • Place your loft cookies on a baking pan with 1 inch in-between 
  • Add your coconut right on top of the cookies and lightly push it in the cookie so it will hold 
  • Now add your Bunny feet to the bottom lightly hanging off the edge 
  • Last touch is a pink wafer to be the tail 
  • ENJOY!! 

The cute and easy Bunny Butt Cookies are too easy right!  What is your favorite sweet treat for the Easter holiday?


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