A Day Filled with Yes, Yessies and Loads of Fun

by Jenn

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As a mom, it feels good to be able to tell your kids yes and feels good about what you are saying yes to.  Whether it’s going to see a movie, letting them have a sleep over, or getting a little exercise by going horseback riding as a mom it feels good to be able to tell our kids yes.  So, I decided to have “Yes” day, where I would say yes to things my children wanted to do.  Within reason, of course, they both wanted to go to Disneyland and well, it would take a day for us to get there and I don’t just have that sort of money laying around, so I had to explain things to them a bit.

Capri Sun at the park

Our “Yes Day” was really a two-day event, that didn’t go as planned the first day due to a little bee issues we had.  Even with our bee problem the girls and I were able to fit in a small amount of “Yes Time” before things spiraled out of control.

The first day the girls asked if we could go to the park.  Well, of course, is there a better way to get outside and let the kids get some energy out?  So, we went to the park, and the girls ran out, got some energy out, enjoyed a Capri Sun in the grass, and of course Mattie lost her shoes.


We had to cut the park a little short due to our bee issue which made the kids not want to stay at the house.  I honestly, don’t blame them and was glad they asked if we could spend the night at my brother and sister-in-law’s house.  I know Vayda went into it with a plan too.  As soon as we got to my brother’s house, Vayda asked if her Aunt Marley could cut her hair.  She has been asking me for several months, and I put it off because her hair was so long and beautiful, but because it was a Yes! day, I finally caved and let her cut her hair.  I honestly didn’t want to, but that was fun to see her grin from ear to ear with excitement, and it turned out cute.  And, of course, because big sister got her haircut, so did Mattie.  They both look super cute!

A Day Filled with Yes, Yessies and Loads of Fun

We only trimmed a little bit off Mattie’s because her hair was on the shorter side and gave her some bangs that she didn’t like until the next morning.  I think she had to get used to them, lol.

Turning our one “Yes Day” into two did put me in a sticky situation when the girls woke up for school the following day, lol.  I don’t worry about Vayda too much, she is trying to get perfect attendance this year, but my youngest Mattie’s first words were “Can I have a ditch day please mom?.”    Of course, I said yes, I figured it would be fun to get a little of alone time with Mattie.  I think Mattie needed a little of alone time with mom because Vayda has been a given a little special treatment lately and Mattie felt left out.  So, it was the perfect day to give Mattie one of her yearly “mom approved ditch days.”

We had to run to the our local Walmart, where Mattie thought she could ask for every piece of candy in the store lol.  We had to touch on the “Yes Day” rules again!  Just because it’s a “Yes Day” doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want.  If she would have had it her way she would have given herself an upset tummy with all that sugar, lol.  Rather than candy, we grabbed some Capri Sun’s so the girls had something fruity and better for them than candy.  Capri Sun contains 35% less sugar than leading regular juice drinks, no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and no high fructose corn syrup and it was our Yessie day, so they brought along their Capri Suns.

Mattie asked if she could grab a Capri Sun the second we jumped in the car.  You should have seen her eyes light up when I said, “Yes but only if you get me one too.”  It made her day, she crawled into the backseat and grabbed us both a Capri Sun for the drive home.  Did you know that Capri Sun containers 35% less sugar than leading regular juice drinks, no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and no high fructose corn syrup?  It helped me feel better about giving my kids a fruity drink.

Mattie waited and waited.  Every five minutes I would hear her little voice ask, “Is it time to go get Vayda yet?.”  Finally, it was time to get Vayda, and I had to wake Mattie up she fell asleep waiting for it to be 3:00. We went and picked up Vayda and headed back to the house so everyone could change and we could get some riding time in.  The girls love to ride horses, and since they have been back in school they don’t get in as much riding them because I make them do homework and chores first, but not today!  All Vayda wanted was to get in some riding time from right after school until dark and for me to allow her to do her homework after we went riding.  Well, that was until Mattie showed her the Capri Suns, lol.

A Day Filled with Yes, Yessies and Loads of Fun

As soon as Mattie showed Vayda the Capri Suns they both asked if they could take one with them.  Normally, I have a water only rule but since it was our “Yes Day” and Capri Suns now contains 35% less sugar than leading regular juice drinks I said, “yes.”  The last thing we need is two kids riding horses on a sugar high, lol.  Nope, not my kids!  So, we loaded up and headed for our property which is where we keep the horses.

A Day Filled with Yes, Yessies and Loads of Fun

My horse Ruger really wanted to take a #Yessie (selfie from our Day of Yes!) on our “Yes Day, ” but I do think she was a little upset that I didn’t say yes to her not staying behind and eating extra oats while everyone else went on their ride.

A Day Filled with Yes, Yessies and Loads of Fun

While Vayda and I were saddling up the horses, Mattie was playing in the horse’s water, lol.  Yes, she had to change yet again – #3 for today!  The girls were in a silly, but the fun mood it was hard to get them to take a serious picture, lol.  I don’t know I like the goofy ones because they help me reminder how goofy the girls were and how it made our time riding together even more fun.  However, I was glad I gave my kids a Capri Sun with 35% less sugar than other fruit drinks.  I don’t even want to think about what they would have been like had they had too much sugar lol.  Thankfully I was able to easily find Capri Sun at our local Walmart.

It was fun, and the girls could get in the riding time they wanted, and I didn’t even have to remind Vayda to finish her homework when she got home.  She went directly to the homework table and got everything finished.  I was VERY proud of her.  I told her if she kept doing that I wouldn’t have a choice, I would have to let them get more riding time in after school because I could trust her to come home and still take care of her responsibilities.

After having our “Yes Day” I’ve decided it is something we will be doing again and something I think parents should do with their children.  Not only do you have fun, but it’s a wonderful way to bond and you’ll have awesome memories for the rest of your life.

Be sure to head to your local Walmart or Walmart.com to see all of the Capri Sun varieties available.  Oh, and we definitely want to see your #Yessie photos, be sure to share them by uploading them and use the hashtag #Yessie.


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