Deep Clean your Skin with Silk’n Sonic Clean Plus

by Jenn

Clean is clean, right?  Wrong, when you are referring to your face, you need to deep clean with a product such as the Silk’n Sonic Clean Plus.

Deep Clean your Skin with Silk’n SonicCleanPlus

Deep Clean your Skin with Silk’n Sonic Clean Plus

Are you striving for a more radiant and healthy skin?  Mere washing with a washcloth or your hand does not do the job successfully.  You need to deep clean in order to achieve the radiance you desire. 

As you grow older, your skin starts to lose that elasticity, which tends to leave your skin lacking the luster you once had when younger.  With all the responsibilities that motherhood requires, sometimes it is difficult to make the time for those beauty treatments you wish you had on a daily basis.  However, cleaning your face need not be a full-time effort when you have the Silk’n Sonic Clean Plus, as it only takes just a few minutes each day to achieve cleaner skin.

I recently had an opportunity to test the Silk’n Sonic Clean Plus and wish to extend my gratitude to the company.  I am simply amazed at the capabilities of this product to get my face clean.

Deep Clean your Skin with Silk’n SonicCleanPlus skin care

Several weeks ago, I purchased another one of the Silk’n products, the Silk’n FaceFX anti-aging device.  While the FaceFX is an anti-aging miracle used to provide long-term skin rejuvenation results, I found that the system works much better when you use it in conjunction with the Silk’n Sonic Clean Plus, instead of merely washing my face with plain soap and water.

The Silk’n Sonic Clean Plus system can be used by anyone with normal, oily or dry skin types for healthier, younger looking skin.  The system comes complete with a Silk’n Sonic Clean Plus unit, three different brushes:  a regular brush, a Silicone body brush
and a sensitive brush, charging cradle, power adaptor and a user manual. 

The Features and Benefits of the Silk’n Sonic Clean Plus include:
• For daily use on body and face
• 3 Interchangeable brushes and countertop stand included
• 60 sec. auto-timer to track each treatment area time
• 2 function modes: vibrating & pulsating
• 2 speed settings for a deep-cleansing or gentle clean
• Water resistant, safe to use in shower
• Rechargeable and cordless
• Removes 6 x more makeup and dirt than hands alone
• Available in pink and grey

The Silk’n Sonic Clean Plus uses sonic vibration technology.  The motor generates a strong vibration, which is sent to every bristle head producing a high frequency vibration for a higher performance level.  The gentle but powerful bristles effectively removes dirt, make-up, and dry or flaky skin cells.

Usage of the Silk’n Sonic Clean Plus unit is simple.  It is designed to use with either warm water, cleansers, scrubs or microdermabrasion creams.  Just hold the brush firmly to the specific area, elect the mode and move in an upward, or circular motion.  The
Sonic Clean Plus is suitable to use up to twice a day.  Changing the brush heads is just as easy, by gripping the brush head firmly, push and twist it counter-clockwise.  Pull the brush head away from the handle.  To attach another brush head, push down and twist the head clockwise until it snaps into place.  You will hear a snap if attached correctly. 
The company recommends that you replace the brush heads every three months.

Normally, I shy away from products that promise so much, as they rarely live up to their advertisements; however, after using the Silk’n FaceFX, I have grown to trust this company.  The Silk’n Sonic Clean Plus has not let me down either.  My face does feel so much cleaner, and I am beginning to see the results of a more radiant face, but I have only been using the Sonic Clean Plus for just a few days.  Most importantly, my face feels cleaner, and my skin is softer because the Silk’n Sonic Clean Plus removes dead skin cells and other impurities.


With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, the Silk’n Soni cClean Plus would make a welcome and thoughtful gift to any mother who desires to achieve a more youthful appearance.  Order directly from the company’s website.  In addition, the company is offering you a 25% discount on the Sonic Clean Plus at Silk’n Sonic Clean Plus by using the coupon code “sonic25”, but you must hurry, as this offer expires on May 31. 

If you are looking to achieve a healthier and more radiant skin that will leave your skin soft and younger looking, you will definitely want to purchase the Silk’n Sonic Clean Plus.  I am so pleased with my unit as it helped to revive that youthful appearance I once had.  I am confident the Silk’n Sonic Clean Plus will do the same for your skin.

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