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Dex Will Inspire Your Tweens Next Dex-ipe

Dex Will Inspire Your Tweens Next Dex-ipe

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I’m pretty lucky because all my kids like to read!  Vayda is always reading something it seems like which is great because her little sister sees her reading and gets excited about reading too.  Oh, and she is always asking Vadya to read her a story and thankfully Vayda is always more than happy to read to her little sister.

Things I Want My Daughter To KnowVayda and Mattie are the youngest of my children and they have a special bond it’s truly heartwarming to see the two of them together.  I mean sure they argue and fight but when it comes down to it they will both tell you they are each others best friend.  I love it, I love listening to them play with each other, read stories together but I will admit my favorite time with them is spent in the kitchen.   Not only is it where some of our best recipes are created but it’s where some of our best conversations are had, we have the biggest laughs, and some of my best memories are created in the kitchen.

Girls Drinking TeaCooking and baking are so much more fun when the kids are around.  Plus, they have new fresh ideas.  I can’t count the times they have told me to try something I would have never thought of, and it turns out AWESOME!  Lucky for me both my youngest daughters enjoy cooking, baking and spending time with me in the kitchen while I’m making dinner or just having a little fun creating something.  They both do a great job, but Vayda is a bit older than Mattie so she tends to pay more attention to certain things I do and definitely is able to focus more when I’m trying to teach them something lol.  Poor little Mattie she tries really hard, but she just doesn’t have the attention span yet.  Which is okay because it works in Vayda’s favor for the time being because Mattie is her little “go for” this and that girl. Hey, it works, and Mattie is happy because she gets to help cook.

Does your child enjoy cooking, dream of being the next Bobby Flay or Giada? Does he or she watch MasterChef Junior & Chopped Junior and say, “I could do that?” My kids do, Vayda has watched MasterChef and the Food Network has been one of her favorite channels for as long as I can remember! Now that she has a little sister they watch the Food Network together and have a notebook filled with recipes they want to make. And, to think this all started with mud pies in the front yard, lol. I used to get so mad at them for tearing up the yard, I had no idea they would love cooking and baking as much as they do. If your tween is a foodie too I can’t suggest Dex by Sherri Lynn Fishbach enought. My daughter Vayda told me it was a great book even if you are not a foodie, it’s just even better if you are.

Dex by Sheri Lynn FishbachVayda recently read a unique fun book called Dex which is a new novel that has been slammed with excellent review referring to the book as a “fast, funny tale,” and even a delectable debut.”  It’s even been endorsed by Reese Schoenfeld, the founder of the Food Network says it’s an essential to have on your kids reading the menu!  Dex is an inspiring story for tweens 8 to 12 as well as a great read for all adults that love food.

I asked Vayda what the book was about and she told me it is a story about a 12-year-old boy named Dex Rossi who has a lunch stand in his front lawn and is in love with a girl he will never get because she is in love with the jokes.  Dex works hard to try and raise enough money to buy himself a gym because he wants to get into shape and hopefully win the girl of his dreams but things don’t happen that way he ends up spending his money on something else when he finds out his grandma’s restaurant is not doing good, and he wants to help her save it.  So he comes up with a plan, gets his sister and a few friends to help him get things up and going.  Once things start going everyone starts to hear about what a great chef Dex is, and he even gets his TV show on the Eatz network.

Things are going well for Dex until he runs into an associate that has a major secret that he has kept from everyone but Dex knows that he has to find the right ingredients to be successful.  Vayda told me how the book ended but I don’t want to tell you because it truly is a cute book after the told me about the book I had to pick it up and read through it a bit and it’s cute.

read dex foodie tween book

I also asked Vayda why she liked Dex and this was her response, “I like the book Dex because it is a good book that was easy for me to follow and it was about something I enjoy doing.  It also gave me some good ideas for recipes I want to make, but my mom isn’t letting me make another recipe until I remember to clean up the kitchen when I’m done.  Dex was a book that I could relate to and I it was funny and reminds me that I need to work hard for the things I want.”  She forgot to say, like cleaning the kitchen when I’m finished with my recipe lol.

Even as an adult I found the book to be fun and engaging, there were a few times I giggled out loud and have started to like Dex.  I think the book sends a great message and does a fabulous job encouraging children to get a little creative in the kitchen because since Vayda finished the book she has been doing a lot more cooking and baking.  As a matter of fact she made some yummy chocolate cream bars the other day, and tonight she made some chocolate cherry cookies, and she did the cookies all on her own.  I lent her hand with the cream bars because they asked me to.  I’ll be sharing Vayda’s creative fun new recipe with you after the holiday so be sure to be on the lookout for Vayda’s Dex inspired recipe!  She’s going to be making some Christmas popcorn that you’ll love.


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